Possibly some early intel on what we will discover February 4th and 5th during the Horus Heresy Weekender 17.

Early intel is always considered to be rumors. Check out the latest bits.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
HH Weekender 2017
Secutarii are a new branch of the Taghmata army list. Can never have
automata in the detachement; big focus on infantry and transports.
Secutarii Psiloi, fast attack.
Secutarii Hetairoi, elite.
Secutarii Hypaspists, elite.
Secutarii Heleposis, open topped transport (20 capacity).

Cybernetica has new options.
Vidrios Caster Array, upgrade for Cybernetica HQs that allows counting as
Psy-Conduit upgrade, models gain FNP/FNP++ if a psyker is within 24"
Zetiark, female archmagos who developed with the Thousand Sons the
crystalline circuits needed to control automata.

Thousand Sons
Sekhmet Terminators, elites that must pick a singular cult that radically
alters their behaviour and/or statline.
Seshat Veterans, infiltrators tasked with securing artifacts and
assassination from behind enemy lines.
Cataphraktos Psy-Automata, troops that a psyker within 24" must harness a
WC to activate them until next turn.

Space Wolves
Hirdmen Veterans, fast attack with optional jump pack, combat shields and
tons of melta/plasma weapons.
Varangian Great Guards Terminators, elites with two-handed great weapons or
sword & board in the style of firedrakes.
Despoilers (Destroyers), elites with jump packs and fully equipped with
smaller rad weapons.

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