The updates for the 2nd Age Humanoid Primarius are now live, and you can download that will. This is the first update to the 2nd Age beta for Humanoids, and there will be more coming. If you have not signed up yet for the beta, simply register to get your free product code to download the game for free at the following link.

I know I have been asked, and just so everyone is aware, Powers are not updated this time around, although we will get to them. There are additional powers for the 2nd Age, but it will be a bit before we get these updated. The Fey are up next.

Here is what is on the list... starting with the biggest....

Armor went through a significant update on exactly how it works not only for individual models but for non living models as well. So armor piercing or ignoring weapons effect only the armor values the model has. So a vehicle with have it's normal toughness based on the Hull of the vehicle, plus its armor X. Things like energy weapons tend to reduce armor, or ignore it all together.

Energy Weapons
This includes hand held rifles, pistols, melee weapons, and larger cannons for vehicles. There is not just a single type of energy weapon either, there are Direct Energy Weapons, Ion Particle Weapons, Etheric Energy weapons, Plasma Weapons.

Magnetic Weapons
These include both Coil guns (and or gauss rifles and cannons), as well as Railguns.

Updates to Melee Weapons
Bringing forward the Advanced Melee Weapon areas to the 2nd Age, and allowing melee weapons to be used by Mecha.

Building a Species in the 2nd Age
This was refined to bring it back in line for balance. So there are updates there.

There is quite a bit more clarifications and some new traits that allow for Scientific Breakthroughs so you can bypass some pre-requisites or apocalypse traits for more advanced stuff. There is even a trait to combine two.

You can download the latest version at the link below....

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