The Genesys Project is all about customization of your own faction for tabletop wargaming. Here you get to literally design your faction to play how you want it to. The best part is that you are in control of this, meaning that you can alter your race if a part of it just isn't working out the way you want, and grow it through the games you play.

The Genesys Project is not a static game, where once your race/faction is complete it stays the same everytime you play it. Instead you level up your faction and grow it, whether it's discovering new technologies or digging deep into forbidden knowledge. Here, you may customize not only your faction and unit types, but customize your weapons, armor, vehicles, and even magic.

There has been a lot of people jumping in on the Genesys Project of late, and I figured it was time to do a primer on how to build your faction.

To create a Faction in the Genesys Project you will start off with a base line of characteristics. These include Physical Characteristics like Strength and Toughness, as well as skilled ones like Martial and Ranged.

1. Next you will be selecting your traits that give your faction wide abilities. There is a minimum and maximum for these ranging from 4-8 traits that really design and customize just who your faction is. These include bonuses to characteristics, species variants, new skills, and new technologies that every member of your faction will have access to.

Selecting your traits is easy as they are broken down into Primary and Secondary traits, and grouped within branches that clump similar traits together. To take a secondary trait in any branch, you must take a primary trait in the same branch. Each Trait you take comes with a point cost and abilities the trait grants you.

2. Following the creation of your Faction, its time to create your Unit Class Types. These will give you a selection of Unit types with different skill sets or access to different weapons and abilities. These are broken down into Standard Unit Classes, Elite Unit Classes, Leader Unit Classes, and of course a Unique. New Classes can be built upon each other from standard -elite- leader all the way to unique.

3. Once your done with your classes, its time to build any advanced weaponry or spell-like powers you may have by wrapping up your armory.

Now that youve done all of this, you are ready to hit the tabletop. Of course I don't anyone yet that has done all of this that quickly, after all there are literally 100's if not more combinations of traits that really can make your faction unique. So most people play around in the creation of their faction quite a bit before narrowing it down. It also wouldnt hurt at that point to get a practice game in.

Once you create your faction, have it all recorded, you can start gaming. Each game you play grants bonuses for completing your mission. These bonuses are extra points to spend on your faction, the gaining of new technologies, creating new unit classes, and more.

Since you start out early on in your factions history, most people will start off playing in the 1st Age of Genesys. The 1st Age is a medieval, renaissance type age, where factions are getting their foothold and trying to survive.

In Genesys you dont stop there, you keep on playing to push through the 1st Age into the 2nd Age. The 2nd Age is set in our modern times + up to 100 years or so. So here you are customizing vehicles, guns, cannons, and even robotics, and cybernetics.

I'll leave it at that today. The main thing I wanted to do today is provide a quick overview of the game, show off it's mechanics, and say welcome to all the new players that have signed up to get their Beta Product keys to download the game.

If youve been considering it... we want your feedback. You can get your free product key for the beta by simply heading over to the and registering.

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