Wow, this guy sold out quick. Dont worry though, more are on the way for Bolt Action fans everywhere.

The new Panzer VIII Maus Super Heavy Tank

Released at 12 pm Friday 20th January in Very Limited Numbers. Unsurprisingly this is a challenging model to cast so we only have a limited stock available at release. After this initial stock is gone don't panic, this model will be permanently in our range from now on and we will cast your Maus to order especially for you, so there may be an extra wait.

One of the most enigmatic armoured fighting vehicles of the Second World War... The subject has the fairly innocuous designation VK100.01 Porsche Type 205 yet to any serious student of WW2 AFVs this subject is better known as the Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Mouse).

This example of late war German imagination may be named after a tiny rodent but it is anything but mouse like. Weighing an astonishing 188 metric tons the Maus still holds the record as the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built. Unlike the majority of the so-called ‘paper panzers’, advanced German tank designs which only existed in technical schematics and project documentation, the Maus was actually built with two prototypes almost complete and perhaps as many as 9 others under construction when Hitler cancelled the programme in late 1943.

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