This week is our second round of Tzeentch releases coming up for pre-orders from Games Workshop. Included this week though is the new boxed game, Gangs of Commorragh.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
here are the upcoming releases:
Tzaangor Shaman -35$
-1 miniature
-comes with ritual dagger and staff of change on disc of tzeentch

Magister - 15$
-1 miniature
-the old chaos sorceror (the one that looks like he was blessed by tzeentch a bit too often)
-32mm roundbase

Tzaangors - 40$
-10 miniatures
-The same box like the 40k tzaangor box but without the autopistol/chainsword sprues.

Tzaangor enlightened - 35$
-3 models
-can be build as either enlightened on foot or on disc of tzeentch. one can be assembled as aviarch
-or can be built as tzaangor skyfires, riding on discs of tzeentch and armed with greatbows

Gangs of Commorragh - 60$
- boxed game
-6 reaver jetbikes
-10 hellions
-24 page rulebook and 2 quick reference cards aswell as 6 pieces of card scenery.

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