New Eldar Faction the Ynnari, and Much More on the Gathering Storm II

I am watching this now, but today Warhammer TV has a day with dedicated to a lot of Eldar. So a lot of things to look at a hear. This clears up the name Aeldar, and brings in a new faction of the Eldar called the Ynnari.

Another interesting thing is that the Gathering Storm II happens at the same time as the first book. So a lot to see here.

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On War of Sigmar Lady Atia has already seen this and wrote up a report. So we will default to her for this, as I listen in now.

As reported by Lady Atia and Bob on War of Sigmar

A lot of history from Eddie on the Eldar race.
In a nutshell: If they all die they can spawn Ynnead and destroy Slaanesh.
Eldrad's plan is to be able to do it without all Eldar going down. That's what happened in Death Masque but he's interrupted by a Deathwatch Kill Team and flees in the webway. That marks the start of the Gathering Storm.

Story starts in a Dark eldar Arena in Commoragh, during a must have ticket event. They have hybrid tyranids from leviathan/kraken.

Yvrainne : got in trouble in a craftworld by killing a seer (renegade) maybe she's a seer/aspect warrior. and fightd now in the arena.
she dies in the arena but a spirit power from Death Masque (summoned by eldrad) goes into her and she becomes the Prophet of Ynnead.

Red eldar : Mysterious, armor style (or armor itself) dating back since before the fall. Respected by aspect warriors and Incubii.

Transcript by Atia :
- The book starts in Commoragh - a shard of Ynnead is there, Yvraine finds it.
- If there is too much psychic activity there - Slaanesh comes for you. So they are scared.
- Yvraine flees the city, gets saved by the Visarch - we don't know how he is.

- The Craftworlds are coming together. Eldar don't talk literally - the fracture is both the way what happens and what factions come out.
- Craftworlds weren't always one ship. Bigger than anything the imperium has, bigger than the Rock. Made up of different ships that are all stuck together.
- Biel-Tans infinity matrix has a fracture - there is a split.
- It's the kickstart Ynnead needs to get born. All the Eldar souls who are locked up there birth the new god. All the "parts" of Biel-Tan split up. It's basically a fleet now, instead of a craftworld.
- The Avatar is in the center of all the souls of eldar of Biel-Tan who died in the last 10k years. He is the proof that the prophecy of Ynnead is real. A beacon of hopes for all Eldar. They can now fight against Slaanesh.
- The Avatar is the mirror of Slaanesh - they are siblings. His power comes from Eldar souls - hence he looks quite Slaaneshi. They are made of the same stuff.

- Lots of interplay between the different Eldar factions in the book.
- When it's desperate, Eldar of all kind will fight against a common vow. Other times, they fight against each other, even Craftworlds vs Craftworlds.
- Now, the Eldar god of the dead is summoned - some see this as a hope for their race.
- These make up a new faction - basically the Eldar who believe in Ynnead. They have now a red colour scheme (like the Visarch, he is their leader). These are the Ynnari. Lead by the prophetess and the Visarch.
- Lots of wyches and Incubii.

- Some Eldar (of all kind) are very against this - especially the Haemoncolus Covens. They see this as "they steal our jobs". If there is a god of the dead - no slaves and stuff, so they are not happy.
- Clashes between the Haemoncolus Covens and the Ynnari.

- Part II is not a sequel - it happens at the same time of 'Fall of Cadia'.
- It ends at the same point as the first book.

- Rules to make the Ynnari. You can mix different Eldar races into one army now. They loose their army rules but gain instead a new special rule.
- Basically - when your eldar units die, your own units become more powerful.

- Ynnari are a whole new faction of the Eldar.
- Aeldari is the name for all Eldar.
- If you already got an army, you can decide to play it as Ynnari, but not all units can be taken. Most of the stuff can be used though.