The Black Library has been in the middle of it's Advent Calendar with short stories and more being released.

Today's Story... Part 1 and 2 are available.
Sister Adamanthea is an oddity among the Adepta Sororitas – a Sister Repentia who has been cleansed of her sin and returned to her duty, rather than finding penance in death. Seen by the faithful as a living miracle, she herself is unsure. Still feeling the weight of her crime, she wonders if she belongs in the sisterhood at all. When she is forced to appear with a famed priest on a most holy day, Adamanthea's doubts itensify… until disaster strikes.

Written by Alec Worley

Here is what has been revealed thus far and you can purchase these individually or as a full subscription.

Day 1: Illyrium by Darius Hinks
Day 2: Crystal Cathedral
Day 3: Reflections in Steel by C L Werner
Day 4A Question of Taste by Denny Flowers
Day 5: Augur of Despair (Part 1) by Chris Dows
Day 6: Augur of Despair (Part 2) by Chris Dows
Day 7: Augur of Despair (Part 3) by Chris Dows
Day 8: Strong Bones by Michael R Fletcher
Day 9: Serpents of Ardemis by Mike Brooks
Day 10: The Revelation of the Word by David Annandale
Day 11: The Child Foretold by Nicholas Kaufmann
Day 12: Heirs of Grimnir (Part 1) by by David Guymer
Day 13:Heirs of Grimnir (Part 2) by by David Guymer
Day 14: Heirs of Grimnir (Part 3) by David Guymer
Day 15: Champions, All by Marc Collins
Day 16: Age of Enlightenment by David Guymer
Day 17: The Sanguinalia Day Massacre by Justin D Hill
Day 18: Broken Saints (Part 1) by Alec Worley
Day 19: Broken Saints (Part 2) by Alec Worley
Day 20:Redacted by Da Red Gobbo
Day 21: Redacted by Da Red Gobbo
Day 22: Redacted by Da Red Gobbo
Day 23: Redacted by Da Red Gobbo
Day 24: Redacted by Da Red Gobbo
Day 25:Redacted by Da Red Gobbo
Day 26: Redacted by Da Red Gobbo
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