Its always amazing when our community here on Faeit 212 expands outward into the hobby with products and services. This is one of those, and I wanted to give him a shout out and introduction to everyone.

Go check him out and may I introduce to you the Sigmarite Boutique.

Sigmarite Boutique

Here is a small introduction to the Sigmarite Boutique

"Sigmarite Boutique was recently started by a local gamer and 3D printing enthusiast has been designing and printing customized movement trays, score trackers, measuring tools and markers for his local player group.  The demand has led him to start a small 3D printing shop and now he's ready to provide his custom options for other Age of Sigmar and 40K players.  Every piece is customizable for your faction, alliance, game group or store and printed on demand in your choice of colour.  Check it out on Facebook or Etsy."

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