The Blackstone Fortress 2019 Annual is coming to pre-orders in just a couple days and the Master of Possession has begun to corrupt large parts of the Fortress. Here is a preview.

via the Warhammer Community
The Blackstone Fortress Annual 2019 features a brand-new quest in which the explorers take on Astroth Mythrak, a malevolent Master of Possession who has started to corrupt and defile parts of the ancient station. Today, we’re taking a look at this new threat that’s taken possession of a section of the Blackstone Fortress.
So, your explorers have seen off all of the challenges they have faced within the Blackstone Fortress? You asked to see the manager of Precipice because you thought that Endless Peril and Abominable Intellect were almost too easy? Well, let’s see how you get on against a Master of Possession and his Greater Possessed bodyguards.*
To slay Astroth, you must conquer the three strongholds that make up his infernal lair. Only if you get through The Vestibule and destroy the Rune-wrought Cages in The Factorum Inferna will you be able to challenge the Master of Possession within The Nexus Malefica. Astroth has surrounded himself with fanatically loyal minions, so to overcome these strongholds you’ll have to fight your way through waves of Traitor Guardsmen, Cultists and Chaos Space Marines.
The Blackstone Fortress Annual includes hostile reference cards for Astroth Mythrak and the Greater Possessed and also features rules for using them in other Blackstone Fortress quests. The new hostiles bring some unique challenges to your explorers. For example, Astroth himself has the unique Disrupt action, which can really, er, disrupt your well-laid plans.
You’ll want to make sure that you keep your distance from the Greater Possessed – their Daemonic Mutations are absolutely lethal if they get close.
Clearly, this quest isn’t going to be easy!

The Blackstone Fortress Annual 2019 is available to pre-order from Saturday. Get ready for this new challenge by picking up the Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines box, which contains a Master of Possession and two Greater Possessed.

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