The only thing on this week's pre-order list is the Black Library book, Court of the Blind King. Its also featured today on the Warhammer Community giving a quick rundown of what is coming in it.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

via the Warhammer Community written by David Guymer

David: Writing the first novel for a new faction is the sort of thing that (for obvious reasons!)  you only get to enjoy once. Everything that goes beyond the remit of the battletome is there to be established for the first time. In short, what Dan Abnett did for the entire 41st Millennium in Xenos and First and Only, I got to do with the Idoneth Deepkin. 

If you want to know how a race of undersea aelves eats, writes, worships, travels or pieces together the little gems of culture left to them by a god they hate, then this book is for you. If you ever wondered what happens when ethersea hits Everwinter, then boy have I got you covered.

The Court of the Blind King is a tale of ambition and warring houses in which our thoroughly unpleasant antihero, Prince Lurien, and his even less pleasant Namarti paramour, Namaríel, conspire to claim the vacant Jade Throne of Briomdar. Deep down, though, it’s a quest story, with Lurien exploring both sea and land in search of the allies he needs to win his throne.

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