Another great deal going on now. Some crazy good miniatures in this buy one get one free type of event.

Well that's Santa's sack emptied into your Christmas box for another year, and with 2020 almost here and today being Boxing Day (a day made for unboxing miniatures, surely) we thought we'd give you all some festive cheer with a reprise of our awesome buy one, get one free monster madness!
To that end we're giving a monster away for FREE if you purchase any monster from our webstore until midnight (GMT) on Wednesday the 1st of January 2020 - just under a week away - so get your skates on if you want some of our awesome monsters cheap!
The Terror of Fortriu, Chimaera
The Terror of Fortriu, Chimaera

How do I choose the free monster?

All you need to do is purchase a monster, and when you go through the basket simply input which free monster you'd like in the "special instructions" box. The only qualification is that this monster must be one from the list below, and it must be either cheaper than or equal in price to the monster you are purchasing! As well as that, you can purchase as many monsters as you'd like and you'll still get a free monster for each one!
PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY VOUCHER CODES. Any orders using voucher codes will be rejected. Tiered discounts do apply - the more you purchase, the cheaper your monsters will be!
Bānbreca, Ettenwiht of Lind Combe

What's on offer?

Pretty much any monster is covered by this offer - so, Darklands monsters and BaneLegions monsters and even Kickstarter monsters - but there's a couple of monsters that aren't part of this deal. Due to the size and limited profit margin on them we can't offer Cadwaladr on Draiggoch or Llusdial nor any variant of Maatmäg with War Tower as part of this deal. Even so, there's so many monsters in our range that you're spoilt for choice!
Your "Buy one monster, get one monster free" offer ends on Tuesday the 2nd of January 2019 at midnight (GMT), and you really do have some superb monsters to spend your hard-earned cash on!
Not only can you get your hands on some of our quite amazing back catalogue, such as Krull or The Terror of Fortriu or Angrislaug or tons of others, there's also our superb new-ish releases, such as the mighty Twroch ap Roch, the crusty Tórlakr or the utterly stunning Bānbreca (shown above) or Thuulac or many more!

All of the Darklands and BaneLegions monsters within our webstore can take part - anything on 80mm bases or above - but here's a full list so it's nice and clear (bold monsters have been released since the last promotion; monsters in italics may be pre-ordered):
[sculpted] - this unit has been sculpted, but not yet moulded or cast
[resculpt] - this unit will be resculpted
(no art yet) - this unit's artwork has not yet been produced
(new unit) - a totally new unit, never offered before, but based on a kickstarter unit

Please be patient

Please bear in mind that promotions like this quickly strip the stock that we hold (if you're choosing existing miniatures), so we do ask that you remain patient while we sort your order out. We can never tell, really, which miniatures are popular from one promotion to the next! Additionally, we do not return to work until January the 6th, so please bear that in mind when you make your order.

Happy Ordering!

Note that your free choice is added to your order manually within 24 hours of your order being made; your confirmation e-mail and invoice will not include your choices. Check your My Orders page a day or so after you've made the order, to see your choices applied! All of the Kickstarter miniatures that are not in the Kickstarter categories will be removed from the webstore after this promotion ends.
If you purchase a kickstarter item and choose an existing item as your freebie (or vice versa) that existing item will be sent as normal.

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