Grot Bommers are up for pre-orders this coming weekend and showcasing these air behemoths the Warhammer Community explains just how these things work. Powerful Grot guided bomms are loaded into a huge bommer that is loaded to the hilt with as many gunz as possible.

via the Warhammer Community

Article highlights.

The Bomms
The name refers not to the pilots or crew of these ponderous potbelly planes, but rather their payload. Hitched to the bottom of the broad wings are massive bombs with stubby little stabiliser wings. It’s not until they drop that you catch a glimpse of a fluttering scarf, the glint of the sun off tiny goggles and a bulbous green nose peeking out from a tiny cockpit – an aspiring Gretchin pilot is in for the ride of their, er… rather short life. Hey, at least they’re wearing tiny helmets! Safety first, as they say.

  • spend the 8 points to double your payload from 2 to 4 Grot Bomms
  • they cause damage on a 2+, plus Extra Damage on a 4 

The Bommers
You’d be doing them a disservice if you thought about Grot Bommers as nothing more than bomb delivery systems. Like any Ork plane worth its rust, they’re packing proppa dakka – 8 shots from the Quad Big Shootas alone, not to mention the two turrets. Plus, they’ve got a whopping 6 Structure Points and a Transport Capacity of 3 which is the highest in the game so far – how do you think those Stormboyz make it to battle, anyway?

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