Here is the latest rumblings for 9th edition rumors. These all seem to follow or be reworked rumor stuff we have seen before.

via Bell of Lost Souls yesterday..... Please give this a huge amount of salt on anything specific.

  • Look for 40K 9th Edition in 2020. It will be a polish-cleanup edition for 8th. 
  • Some rules mechanics from Age of Sigmar are being integrated into the game. 
  • Refining of rules for some troublesome KEYWORDS Psychic Phase to be reworked. 
  • Only a tiny number of codexes remain before the new edition arrives. 
  • Psychic Awakening series is a rules & background leadup to the new Edition.

Here are my thoughts based on what I've been hearing and seeing online.

  • 9th edition will have some stop-gap releases (think new Indexes) before we get to the new Codexes. Someone said Space Marines and Necrons first, I think it was Valrak, but don't recall while writing this.
  • We are seeing an excelerated update with the Psychic Awakening releases to wrap up the current edition. Codexes slow to be released will still be coming, this is the part of the edition cycles that I personally find frustrating. Get your codex bam new edition. The codex becomes a preview to the new edition type of book, and ends up feeling lost between the two editions.
  • The new edition will come (towards the end of June/ beginning of July)- I was told the 3rd week of June specifically a month or so ago, but its still too early to lock that down in my opinion. 
  • It's highly expected that this edition will be sold as a cleaned up version of the current edition. Take out the bloat type of thing. 

Any big bombshells for the new edition? Some crazy thoughts and ramblings (not rumors, but talk Ive been following elsewhere). I don't believe this will happen, but I find it fun to follow.
The Emperor will awaken in the new edition, giving a chance to bring back more primarchs and open up a a lot of new options for the background and lore of the game. He will still be bound to the throne. 
The Emperor's awakening brings forth the terrors of the warp like never seen before. Essentially 40k goes into overdrive with the most powerful forces in the 40k universe collide with even more destruction and terror everywhere. 
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