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Hi fellow Cultists of GW!

All this talk of Necromunda-type gangs has got me reinvigorated for completing my Genestealer Cult army, particularly if they produce another Delaque-type gang.

But until that day, I think I'll end up converting a more unique set of Neophytes and Acolytes to use in a local tournament of Shadow War: Armageddon, which I think has always been a key component to personalising YOUR gangs in Necromunda. To that end, I'm sharing a few of my favourite conversions from my army, to push myself on and hopefully inspire in turn. I've also thrown in some tips that I wish I'd realised all that time ago when I first started building

Up first are some simple conversions of the original Cult metal models, using more modern guns and a mix of arms to fit. 
Key Point: Gangs don't need to have exact uniforms! A good bit of variety in load-out and clothing can really make your group unique.

With the new plastics, I've found that many parts can be re-purposed for a different look. The banner-holding arm here is actually the railing-support arm from the Rockgrinder. 
Key Point: simple cuts can completely change a pose! Also, plasticard is REALLY easy to shape with a sharp blade.

I've got a bunch of the old, rubbish Space Hulk Genestealer Hybrids lying around in my bits box, which I paid far too much for when I thought they would never be released. I've been finding a use for at least one pair of these legs in every unit of so far, and the extra back in the Acolyte Hybrids box can be fitted to the old body for a bit of modernisation.
Key Point: it may feel like sacrilege to cut up a model that is older than yourself, but some models will NEVER be used otherwise. Just be SURE before you start cutting.

Moving away from the intended-use models, I've been looking at the other trench coat-wearing models in the range. The Cult Commissar started life as the chaos cultist leader from Dark Vengeance, but in a manner close to half the community on the internet I tidied him up a little and added Cult features.
Key Point: don't be afraid of failures! I had to cut the wires out from this chest 4 times before they were right.

The Harlequin Death Jester confused me for quite a while, as I knew I wanted to use him in a conversion, so I tried several permutations before settling on this Cult "Callidus" Assassin. I've got quite an extensive head-canon for my army, so I could justify the more Genestealer-like features I gave this guy. See his blog entry for more detail if you like!
Key Point: it's your army of models! It doesn't matter if it doesn't add up to the exact specifications of GW's fluff, build how you like and come up with a decent justification.

Finally, I come to my most ambitious model yet, which has taken literal years to develop, and still isn't finished. My Patriarch on his walking throne! Based off the concept of Inquisitor Karamasov, I've developed his weaponry to fit the Inquisitor's, but with a distinctly Genestealer twist.
From the very beginning I knew I wanted to build a walking throne for the Patriarch, and had not seen it done to my level of satisfaction online. I hope you enjoy the features you can see, and I'm sure I'll write a full blog post on it someday soon.
Key Point: don't just bin an idea because you can't do it now. A lot of ideas take time to percolate, so give them their breathing room. I'm still trying to work out a giant psychic hood for this bad boy!

Thanks for taking the time to look through my models, I love designing and building them, and there is plenty more like this on my website, along wih unique Deathwatch, Tyranid ideas and other nonsense:
Please leave any comments you can! I'm always looking for more feedback!
Next time: well, they need some transport don't they?!?

Thanks, and have fun builidng your Kill Teams and Gangs for the new game!!!


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