The Fey are now available to the open beta. In it there are countless options to create and advance your species whether you are creating a Faction for the Fey, or wanting to take your Humanoids beyond reality with forbidden knowledge. The possibilities are big, so lets take a look at a few things that in this release and what is still coming.

The Genesys Project is all about Complete Customization and Player control over your faction, its abilites, weapons, and how they play. To jump in..... Just follow the link to get your free product code to download the Fey and other Rules. 

The Genesys Project is has over 400 playtesters in more than 30 countries worldwide; with over 7,600 people that have shown interest in the game.

Consider the Fey a rough draft for the Open Beta. Point costs will still see some movement, as will abilities and powers.

The Eternal Fey
The Fey are Immortal and not of this world. They exist outside of reality, originating from beyond the Ethereal. Theirs’s is a realm of magic, light and darkness, primordial and refined. For the Fey, Good and Evil are tangible and pure. Their eternal conflict and strife has brought the Fey to the Genesys Worlds. 

For the other domains, they Fey are mysterious entities either guiding the mortal races, or are full of contempt, appearing as Angels or Demons, primal entities, and ghosts.

The Paths of the Fey
The Fey exist within their own realms dedicated the Spheres of Influence that you select, which grants them their abilities and powers. Dedicated to the Light, Darkness, or the realms between, you select the Spheres of Influence that will define your Faction.

Spheres of Influence
Path of Light: 
Spheres: Justice, Truth, Courage, Heroism, Healing, Protection, Ascended

Path of Darkness:
Corruption, Deceit, Madness, Fear, Pain, Death, Destruction

Shadows of Twlight: 
Primal: Earth, Water, Earth, Fire, and The Ethereal. 
Primordial: Chaos, Order, Time
Unit Classes
Disciples: The lowliest of the Fey are the Disciple classes. These are your most standard units limited to the lesser traits and powers within their Spheres of Influence.

Arch Lords: The lords of their realms, the Archlords are mighty, having access to greater traits and powers. The lords of the Fey are strong and maintain their will over the disciples.

The Paragon: Near God-like in power, these beings are the essence of their Spheres of Influence, with abilities that are stronger the more dedicated they are to their spheres. A Paragon has been likened to a one man army by playtesters

Cross-Over Factions
A Cross-Over species or faction is one that starts off in one Life Domain, and ends up in another. Factions that use multiple Life Domains are classified as Cross-Overs Factions. 
Included are 

The Outcasts are those Fey that live in reality They have the powers of the Fey, although limited in scope, as they have come to adapt the worlds of Genesys, although often long to return to their lost or forgotten Ethereal Realms. 

The Lure of Forbidden Knowledge brings new traits found within the Humanoid Primarius, containing secrets on how to gain eternal power and immortality. In it Humanoids learn to master the Spheres of Influence. Here, the knowledge gained can achieve massively customizable Undead armies, create a faction of those corrupted by the darkness, or given in to Fear. Although not only the Path of Darkness is open to you.... as you can study the Primal Spheres, focusing on Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, or even taking on the Spheres of Light for a champions of Good. 

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