The Twilight Realms are the most closely related to reality and the most basic elements that are its foundation. These include Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the fifth element the Ethereal. Outside of the Elements, there are the Primordial forces that first came together to create all that exists, these are the forces of Chaos, Order, and of Time.

The Elements are the building blocks of reality, and great power can be found there. Foremost among the Elements are the Primals, species of Fey that have given themselves over to the elements. The creation of Gates and Portals are one of the key aspects of the Primals, bringing their strengths and powers to destroy and defend their interests.

Lets take a look at some of the powers of the Primals

  • Earth: Huge almost indestructible creatures of earth and stone. Earthquakes, Strength, and Toughness
  • Fire: Can hurl themselves as a ball of fire at the enemy, appearing to where they hit. Fire, Power, and Pyrotechnics. 
  • Air: Capable of extreme mobility, levitation or flight. Ranged combat, speed, and Lightning
  • Water: The power of regeneration, fluid movement to avoid blows. Corrosive attacks, Fluid Mobility, and regeneration
  • Ethereal: Able to phase themselves to avoid detection and Possess others. Phantasm Assaults, instantaneous movement, and ethereal attacks

Then there are the Primordial Forces. These are the forces of Chaos, Order, and Time. These are the most fundamental forces in the universe. While there are no species variants for the Primordial Forces, they can be harnessed by those willing to do so.

In the beginning of the Universe, there was Chaos and Order. Their conflict gave birth to time, and hence the universe was formed.

Taking a look at the Primordial Forces

  • Order: Grants access to a new Unit Class called the Devout, and allows for Exalted members of the each Unit Class. 
  • Chaos, Breaks down squad required squad and group numbers to allow for combining them into any size you wish. 
  • Time: literally allows you to bend time, gaining new actions or movement, as well as dice manipulation during the game.

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