Shadow Wars Armegeddon is looking better than ever, and check out the image above posted up on Facebook.

The big question is... Just how many box sets would you have to buy to make this vertical battlefield.

via Warhammer 40,000 Facebook

Take a look at this incredible scenery set-up, based on the scenery kits available in Shadow War: Armageddon. White Dwarf used it to play a "vertical battle report", and what a game it looks.

This was all part of a large 4 player battle report. You can see even more images of it, along with details by following the link.

War of Sigmar

The WD has a 4 players battle report using the giant factory they built. 
Looks like a very fun game.

The WD also includes stats for 2 new factions: Skitarii and Genestealer Cult. 

Rules look very good and extremely close to Classic Necromunda.

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