Forgeworld today is giving us a glimpse of the the newest addition to the Legio Custodes

via Warhammer Community

Today’s glimpse into the  future of Forge World’s releases shows us the Gyrfalcon Jetbike.

These are the fast-moving and hard hitting cavalry of the elite Legio Custodes. Like their Space Marine equivalents, they are fast and mount some fearsome ranged punch – in this case, with Iliastus pattern bolt cannons. Like all Legio Custodes, though, these guys are also very capable in close combat, and units of these bikes can ride down all but the toughest infantry, routing enemy formations and causing no end of problems for your foe.

We can see the Gyrfalcon Jetbike follows many of the design of other Legio Custodes tanks, most obviously their skimmer tanks and transports, and will look right at home in a Talons of the Emperor army leading the charge against the traitors.

You’ll be able to get these guys for your army soon.

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