The Fey are now updated live to v2.6 from your feedback, questions, and playtesting. There are some new things in here to be aware of, so lets dive in and take a quick look at what is going on.

1. Big points cost update is in effect. This is a balancing update, with point increases (and some decreases) to balance in the Fey to the Humanoids. There was a discrepancy in how they were playing, and it was known from first release that this may need to happen. Balance is key between the Life Domains, so you will see some big updates that will bring the Fey more in line with the Humanoids. The point costs are still fluid, and there will be additional fine tuning over the next few weeks. 

2. Added Fey Beasts! This is a fun addition as for the Fey, their beasts are a part of their faction with traits and powers from their Sphere's of Influence. This allows a huge variety of monstrous planar beasts that you can customize greatly. From Undead Mounts, to Corruption Beasts, to even creating a beast that will take the mantle of your Paragon Unit! 

The Genesys Project is all about total customization, from creating your own faction, with your choices. There are so many things you can create to fit your playstyle and aesthetics, the opportunities are endless. 

The Genesys Project is in an Open Beta right now, and getting the rules to check out is free. So head over and get our product key to discover what the game is all about. 

Get your updated Rules, and above all else.... Send us your feedback. It matters, and lots of additional content has entered the game simply because of suggestions and questions. Inspiration is what it's all about here.

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