A preview of the Fey for the Genesys Project and the power promised to those seeking its secrets. They Fey are coming next week.

The Fey must choose to follow the Path of Light or Darkness, or to dwell within the shadows of Twilight. 

The Lure of Darkness promises absolute power and control. Its abilities are beyond reproach, and many who would seek its powers find themselves corrupted, overtaken, and transformed. Without the Light of the Heavens, the Realms of Darkness wallow in death and decay, their realms ever dying in the absolute darkness. It is because of this death that the forces of darkness seek to conquer and destroy other realms, absorbing their life to expand and preserve their own might.

Within the Darkness the Spheres of Corruption are Fear, Death, Destruction, Madness, Deceit, and Pain. Each of these promises powers beyond any other, so lets take at some examples of what you will find.

Fear: Your opponents fears become real, creating Phantasms when others fail their morale.
Corruption: Mutate and corrupt your enemy, turning them into vessels to fit your needs.
Madness: The truly insane are the Crazed Berserkers, or the Mad Geniuses of Darkness
Pain: Suffering through your own or that of others can make you nearly unstoppable.
Deceit: From Shapeshifters to creating or manipulating the battlefield, to nearly impossible to target.
Destruction: Become a powerful Demon Engine, or wield the strength and size of destruction
Death: Mastering Death creates powerful Undead and the ability to animate the dead during battle.

If you've been considering it... we want your feedback. You can get your free product key for the beta by simply heading over to the http://www.thegenesysproject.com/ and registering.

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