This weekend is looking like a Blood Bowl set of releases along side some new hobby tools. Here is the latest Ive heard for this weekend.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Pre-Orders This Weekend
the Blood Bowl Troll ($25), Orc Team ($30) and a pack of
cards called Team Titans ($15) are all going up for preorder this weekend.
Also three new hobby tools: a new knife (with x-acto replaceable blades)
and a saw ($32 each) as well as tweezers for ($12.50)

Updated Details verifying what I had heard earlier.
Citadel Knife - 32$
-New knife from Citadel, made out of aluminium and steel
-6 Blades included, compatible with most other hobby knife blades

Citadel Saw - 32$
-New saw from Citadel, made out of aluminium and steel
-6 Blades included, 2 Small detail blades, 2 standard blades and 2 heavy duty blades
-also compatible with most other hobby saw blades.

Citadel Tweezers - 12.50$
-made completely out of metal
-3mm Contact point.

Preorder in webstore only:
The Gouged Eye: Orc Blood Bowl Team - 35$
-Contains the Orc team of the Bloodbowl Basegame

Blood Bowl Troll - 25$
-1 Model
-Funny Looking, holds a Goblin he is about to throw

Bloodbowl Special Play Cards - Team Titans Pack - 15$
-Optional Cards to use in your blood bowl games
-Contains 2 Decks, the Benefits of Training and the Dirty Tricks Deck

Primarchs: Magnus the Red, Master of Prospero -19$
-The story of Magnus the Red and his sons fighting alongside the Iron Warriors during the Great Crusade.
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