I wanted to come back to the Shapeshift Case by Phobos Foundry for the express reason that Marcin, (who makes the cases), really has sat down and looked hard at your comments. He really wants to make this a case everyone will want and the first and foremost he has done... is lower the price of the cases. But he isnt going to stop there either, as he has plans for larger cases that hold more trays (capable with these ones) and other types of box set ups that sound like they are going to be exactly what I need out a case and the trays. (he is working on these now).

The cost for these cases was one of the things I mentioned right from the start, but now... you can get these for a much better price point.

I look forward to seeing what Marcin comes up with next.

For 149€ you get:

via Phobos Foundry
One Matte-Black ShapeShift Case with Blue Logo and Three Slots for ShapeShift Trays
- Two Mirror-Black ShapeShift Trays, each equipped with 5 ShapeShift Sliders
- Stainless Steel Wingnuts for fastening Sliders (the practical option)
- Stainless Steel Hex Nuts for ​fastening Sliders (which look better on display)
- A numbered Trailblazer Certificate of Ownership​
- Owner's manual​
- "The Ultimate Guide to Assembling Miniatures - a Hobbyist's Compendium​"
- Only 249€ for the entire set (with VAT, shipping not included)

Listed Capacity on the Website
70 models on 20mm bases​
48 models on 25mm bases​
35 models on 30mm bases​
20 models on 40mm bases​
12 models on 50mm bases​
1 model on a 120mm base - with tons of space for smaller minis​
Or any combination of the above!

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