The Genesys Project you just dont select your wargear, but you customize it, create your unit classes, and create your own faction with your own selection of rules. Its your faction. Thinking infiltration would be something your army needs.... done. Stronger melee, done. Not only do you customize your faction, but you also get to level them up through the Ages. That means starting your army in an early to late medieval fantasy like setting, to a modern plus age, to finally far futuristic battles. Three Ages. Start in any of them, play through them as you wish.

We have lots of new players and some serious campaigns already running by playtesters.

The beginning of April will launch the next Create a Faction Contest for the Genesys Project here on Faeit 212. To help players understand exactly how easy it is to create a faction here is a quick and easy run down of how to do it!

1. Creating your Faction starts off with a set of base characteristics; your stat lines.

2. There are mandatory traits you have take in different categories, this generally ranges from 4-8 or even 3-7 traits. These are your Faction, army wide traits. These can upgrade your stat line, or give your entire faction special abilities.

Each Trait comes with a point cost that once added up with your other traits, gives you your base models point cost.

3. Next its time to create your Unit Classes. Unit Classes are a type of model with the same training, abilities, and same access to equipment. To do this is simple, and generally just requires or gives access to adding new traits to the class. These new abilities are class specific.

4. From there its time to hit your armory. For humanoids this can be customizing equipment, creating new spell like powers, etc. You can create your own advanced weapons, vehicles, monstrous beasts, and much more.

That is a basic rundown of how it is done. You can keep it very simple, or get as detailed and refined as you want. There is a lot to do and explore when creating your faction for the Genesys Project, and that is only the beginning.

The Genesys Project is always looking for your input. We are in an open beta, and to get access to the game costs you nothing. Simply head over to the Genesys Project website, register and receive your own product key to get all the current rules and updates for the game.

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