The reason I am making certain that this is mentioned here is because I have heard whispers (not from 4chan) that mentions a certain "inbold" part below.

via MiniWars and originally from 4chan

Several rumors are beginning to be heard about a new type of Space Marine , this is what we have compiled:

  • There will be new Marines that will be true scale or larger than the usual Marines. They take two heads to a guard of the Astra Militarum.
  • They will be equipped with a new type of armor , which would be Mark IX or Mark X
  • New armament : longer bolt rifle, resembling an assault rifle. The bolt pistol also changes, it seems to have been fused with an automatic pistol.  
  • From the blood (genetic seed?) Of Roboute Guilliman , modified by techno-priests.
  • They will be faster, agile and stronger than normal Marines.
  • One of the armor greaves looks like the Stormcast Eternals .
  • On the wrist of the armor they carry a strange device, a data reader or something like that. 

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