Lots of news from Hawk Wargames, including a few notes regarding show only models being online for a little while longer, as well as the Direct only Saratoga lasting through April 21st.

via Hawk Wargames
Link to the latest newsletter. Highlights below

Direct Only Sculpt
The Saratoga will continue to be available to order on the site until Friday 21st of April. The Direct only sculpt will then be available at a few select shows after this date. The highly detailed resin UCM Saratoga class Light Cruiser is an alternate sculpt for the popular New Cairo class Light Cruiser.

Show Only models available on the Hawk Wargames Site

We have a range of show only models which are available from our site until the end of 31st March. These include:

  • The Aegaeon - Show only Model 16/17 (Neptune Varient)
  • The Double Decker Battle Bus - Show only Model 15/16
  • Shackleton Escape Pod - Show only Model 14/15
  • Civilian Car and Truck pack
  • Civilian Bus and Lorry pack

Building the Avenger #14

Follow this link to see all the videos 1-14

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