Aeronautica Imperialis is up today and gives us a look at two new aircraft, the Vulture and Barracuda.

via the Warhammer Community

Welcome to the very first installment of Flight Plan, a monthly treat for all fans of tiny planes, bringing you new rules, previews, tactics, and design insights for Aeronautica Imperialis. We’ll also toss in a free scenario each month to spice up your games!

the ever-popular Vulture Gunship, a dedicated assault fighter that’s often seconded to the Astra Militarum to escort Valkyries and support ground troops.

 you’ll be able to read the full Vulture Gunship stats soon in the Taros Air War campaign book! Now let’s turn our gaze to some of the contents of the Skies of Fire boxed set!

The T’au Air Caste’s core aircraft is the Barracuda AX-5-2, armed with railguns and missiles, and now you’ll be able to deploy entire squadrons of them in plastic!

The primary Swiftstrike Railgun and Missile Pod loadout is potent enough, but why stop there when you can throw on some drones and a one-shot seeker missile when you want to be absolutely sure something blows up? Barracudas are already fast, but they also have access to advanced T’au Empire technology to push their limits even further for a serious advantage in dogfights. 

Each month, the studio will create a new scenario to inject more variety into your games. Download the mission, draw up your Squadron List and invite your mates over for a game!

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