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You've never seen him like this.
Finally my Raptors Army is complete and i've saved the best for last.

Chapter Master Lias "The Grim" Issodon.
I don't consider him to be a stationary Sniper, hiding away somewhere. No. As with all my Warlords, i like them leading the Troops from the front, aggressively posed with the enemy's defeat imminent.

Not much is known about Lias, other than he has black eyes, doesn't say much and has had the same Bolter since his time in the Scouts. The theme i've gone for is Wings and Skull motifs.
When you see him you think "VIP".
Bird of Prey in Full Flight.

It pained me to have to bling him up, going away from the sneaky/ stealthy aspects they're renowned for, but this is Scifi Fantasy after all, and a Chapter Master must look true to the part and fit into the established Universe. 
His rules and stats also strongly helped with the modelling options. Does it look like what it does? Yes! OK then, glue it on.

I also need to say thank you to everyone who contributed to this build:
Aaron, Greg, Sam, Dr Dave and Eric.
Without you i wouldn't have been able to bring this concept to life.

Still far from finished, but at a point i'm happy enough to share with you all. Enjoy!
Cheers and see you on the Table Top.


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