New Warbands for Necromunda and a No Respite, a brand new expansion for the Blackstone Fortress are in this preview

New Age of Sigmar Heroes and Monsters for Warcry can be seen in this preview at the following link.

via the Warhammer Community

The House of Chains
For Necromunda fans, next week is exciting for lots of reasons, as we introduce a new kind of book for the game of gang warfare in the 41st Millennium. House of Chains is part of a new breed of supplement that acts like a codex or battletome for your gang, bringing you loads of lore, ways to play, unit types, wargear and more that lets you discover and assemble your dream gang – in this case, the hulking Goliaths!

No Respite: Blackstone Fortress Expansion

A new threat approaches in the Blackstone Fortress. In the No Respite expansion, you’ll not just be battling against the forces of Nurgle, but his plagues too, in a desperate race against time to prevent the spread of decay in this alien labyrinth. Inside, you’ll find a whole new quest, and all the tokens and cards you need to add it to your Blackstone Fortress collection. This offers you and your group more encounters to conquer and a set of Nurgle’s chosen servants to fight, with an array of Plague Marines and Poxwalkers. There’s even another hidden treasure to unlock…

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