Shadowsun is coming with new upgrades to her batttlesuit. Here is a better look at the miniature and the rules in a preview released today.

via the Warhammer Community

Battlesuit Upgrades
Shadowsun has received a brand-new version of the XV22 Stalker battlesuit, and it is now better than ever. Along with a flechette launcher, pulse pistol and light missile pod, she now has the choice of taking dispersed fusion blasters for melting Space Marines or high-energy fusion blasters for taking out enemy armour. Can’t decide? Well, you can always take one of each!

While Shadowsun has kept her MV62 Command-link Drone, her MV52 Shield Drones have been replaced with an MV37 Advanced Guardian Drone.

As the overall commander of the Fifth Sphere Expansion, O’Shaserra is now able to join any T’au Sept in battle. Yes, she can even fight alongside her great rival, Commander Farsight. 

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