Im not certain how I feel about the whole "chance to get the rare" mini for a boxset, but otherwise I am very interested what they are trying to do here with Space Marine Heroes.

The price listed below seems to be for an entire box of 12 Space Marine Hero Collectible Miniatures with cards for each one.

First we saw these in Japan About to arrive for everyone else.

everything below via anonymous sources and collected info. Until we get an official bit of information, please take with a little salt.

Order by Date: October 31, 2018
Street Date: November 10, 2018

Space Marine Heroes
$84.00 SRP

A display of 12 miniatures. There are 9 total miniatures to collect.
Collectors card included in each box with picture of painted miniature
Micro-site available to explore the 40K universe and character Bios.

If you buy a whole CDU you will get all 8 minis guaranteed and the chance
to get the rare one replacing one of the more common models.

•       Multilingual product
•       Push off the frame—No clippers required
•       Assembly guide to show how to build your miniature
•       Push fit—no glue required
•       Colored plastic—no painting required
•       Two head choices—helmet or un-helmeted

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