The Fall of Cadia will be leading us into 8th edition, and will not AoSify 40k. Definitely some great news, but this does not mean there will not be some changes coming. Lets see the latest rumors.

remember that this is a rumor, so please use the required amount of salt.

via Perturabo's Raven over on War of Sigmar

"- Cadia will fall in preperation for 8th edition 
- 8th edition WILL NOT AoSify the 40k franchise, they will only gave it rule tweaks, GW isn't crazy to kill their most successful franchise 
- From January till Summer, the release schedule wont be full 40k, it will have AoS and Bloodbowl here and there. 
- Regarding Roboute being rumored to be released, he said that it is a possibility but no confirmation right now. Since Guilliman is the imperial poster boy so he would probably be released. 
- So with Fall of Cadia, GW is optimistic that it will be a huge event across the globe, with the storyline progressing etc.

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