If you have been following the Genesys Project, now is the time you may want to pay close attention. The 2nd Age has just been released, and is now available to download. This takes you past the 1st Age and into a technological age of Advancement. The 2nd Age is available now.

To Get Your Product Key, simply go to the link below to download your own personal free copy of the rules and 2nd Age Humanoid Primarius.


Create your faction in the 2nd Age or continue your campaign from the 1st Age into the second, your army is yours to create with new technologies, vehicle design, weapon customization, and new species modifications, like Cybernetics, Robotics, Viral Strains, Genetic Manipulation and much more.

As your Faction pushes its technological advancements forward, you must decide whether or not you will push that advancement forward without paying heed to the consequences, or if you will take a balanced approach to avoid the downfall of civilization. Whether you are forming your new civilization out of the ashes, or advancing carefully and methodically to avoid collapse, the new weapons and technologies are certain to change the path of your Species forever.

  • Vehicle Design, from hovercraft, dedicated APCs, to heavy tanks you can customize your vehicles and mount the weapons that you want
  • Weapon Customization, including new specialized weapons and equipment, advanced weapon design, and new modern and advanced firearms and explosives.
  • Species Modifications including Cybernetics, Bionics, Drug Enhancers, Genetic Manipulation, and more.
  • Robotics. Build a bot, rather controlled by remote applications or autonomous with advanced AI systems
  • Completely Customized Powered Armors with first aid stimulants, and more.
  • An Apocalypse looms ahead, and to dive directly into it, has severe ramifications, but allows you to reform your society from the ashes.

Welcome to the Second Age.
The files are available now. Here is a brief heads up on what is coming

Please remember this is the first release of the 2nd Age open beta. Consider it to be a first draft as we push it further to clarify and refine the new abilities and technologies of the age.

Certain things were not left in, but will be coming soon. These are Beam Weapons, Magnetic Particle Weapons, additional equipment, Bio Warfare, and Arcane and Faith Powers for the second age.

There is plenty to explore and create with your Faction.... So let me know what you think, and lets dive in.

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