I have a little bit of information about future release for Dropfleet Commander, which by the way the more I play the more I love the game. There are a lot of intricacies that become more apparent the more games you get in.

Here are some of the latest details...

Dropfleet Commander

  • Cruiser and Frigates packs are to be released at the end of this month. 
  • Corvettes and new Sector Packs will become available in March/ April
  • All new sculpted Battlecruisers will be here this summer!

Dropzone Commander

  • The new Famous Commanders will come in two waves. The first 3 in March and the second 3 in April. 
  • Also coming in March April is the Fauna Packs
  • Then the big news, Phase 3 will be here this year.... and it should arrive sometime around August

That is very much big news for both games. Ive been told that Dropfleet will not be expanded upon quite yet until they get the rest of the game out (battlecruisers etc), but to not despair, as there will be more coming.

As for Reconquest... book three will wrap up the trilogy of this part of the story, but we will not see another faction yet as we wait for the next trilogy to start up. (No hints on that). However the new faction could very well be introduced from Dropfleet first before hitting Dropzone. 

Also there are hints of a bigger tie ins for Dropzone and Dropfleet coming with some future supplement after Reconquest. Over all its going to be a big year from Hawk Wargames. 

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