There are a ton of releases this weekend, as something like 50+ models are being released as citadel finecast. This includes things like plasma guns, melta guns, veteran sternguard weapon packs, and so much more. Personally I love these upgrade packs, because I want more things to convert with and resin is a much better material to convert with than metal.

So check out what is here......

via White Dwarf Daily
this weekend we've also got a whole host of Citadel Finecast kits and upgrade packs going on sale. 53 of them, to be precise, including Blood Angels, Eldar and a selection of weapon packs to help you equip your troops. For Space Marines we've released packs of plasma guns, melta guns, lightning claws, thunder hammers and a Sternguard weapon pack. For the Eldar there's upgrade packs for Shrieker Jetbikes, Shining Spears and Storm Guardians. We've even released several new packs of shoulder pads: Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers and Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company. We've included a few of the new releases in the links above, but to see the rest of the new models simply head over to the Warhammer 40,000 new releases page.

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