This morning we have some information regarding prices, psychic powers, possessed vehicles and more. Not to mention we have some great pictures from the upcoming White Dwarf. The above picture just might be the cover art, and I am looking for confirmation whether it is or not.

Updated with more pics at the bottom with the Aspiring Champion model

A huge thanks goes out to Bramgaunt for both the pics and info. Great job.

via Bramgaunt over on Warseer
Neither a new Abbadon nor a new kharne -for now-
The close combat obliterators (mutilators) are a finecast kit
There is a new finecast sorcerer (unimpressive) an a Dark Apostle (beyond awesome)
From the ForgeWorld News: There is a picture of Angron. The miniature.

BramGaunt on Warseer has mentioned that the codex cover is the same used on the Black Library book, "Blood Gorgons".

Dark Apostle, sorcerer, aspiring champion (new finecast): 15,50€
Warpsmith: 23€
Codex: 39€
Raptors/warp talons: 26€ (same as sanguinary guard)
Heldrake: 59€
Forgefiend/clawfiend: 52€
Mutilators: 41€ (3 finecast)

Obliterators and everything else thats metal goes finecast, that includes Death Guard and Thousand Sons.
the Codex cover artwork is the one that was already used by the BL "Blood Gorgons" Novel.

There are only 4 psychic powers per God, sadly.
If you upgrade your Demon prince to a specific god he gains hatred for the opposed chaos god

A posessed vehicle ignores stinned an shaken on 2+, but if a unit embarks you have to roll a D6 : on a roll of 1 you lose a random member if the squad and the vehicle regains 1hp
Obliterators can morph assault cannons

there a helldrake circling some Dark Angels on page 11. Angron is feature in all his glory on page 88-89

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