I feel like I have read this thing already, however we are still getting new bits and pieces. It looks like however that quite a few people already have the White Dwarf, and we are getting down to the details of what is in there.

Once again, there is a lot of information that has been repeated here, however, there are again some bits I had not yet heard.

via Imperius Dominatus
Quick rundown:
The new books look beautiful, full colour and the various photos of the pages throughout the magazine look really nice, can't wait to get my copy. As you have probably guessed the front of the magazine is very product heavy.

There is a very basic overview of how the new rules will influence each army, looks like even Tau get a boost ;)

Two battle reports one involving the flyers and the other is Imperial Guard/Grey Knights vs Chaos Space Marines/Daemons. I'm looking forward to reading this as it showcases the much rumoured allies. The game is 2500pts with around 1750 spent on the main armies and 750pts spent on allies. Interesting things I've noticed are that allies use a small foc and it appears that fortifications are purchased with the ally points allocation, a bastion with quad laser is 125pts.

There is an article giving brief details of what psychic disciplines each army can take and how many powers their psykers can take. Powers from codices are still usable but unfotunately you can't mix and match, you either take codex powers or use new powers. Most psykers can take 1 or 2 powers, extremely powerful psykers can take 3, Eldrad can take 4!

The main batrep keeps score with Victory Points so it looks like Killpoints are a thing of the past, looks like my 60pt Dire Avenger squad will no longer be worth as many points as a fucking Land Raider...Yay :D

There is a large 8 page article giving an overview to the main rule changes, I haven't had chance to read this yet.

Objectives give different amounts of victory points depending on whether they are a primary or secondary objective.

Battle scenarios have primary and secondary missions.

Before the game you nominate a HQ as your 'Warlord', this model then gets to roll on one of three warlord trait tables, these are - Command, Personal and Strategic.

Hammer of Wrath - Allows Jump Troops to use their mass to deal damage as they land on their enemies.

Overwatch - Allows a free round of shooting if charged by an enemy but with bs1.

Missions - There seems to be a main mission table that you roll for and then the scenario has seconday missions. Different missions have effects on the game such as making fast attack choices scoring - Is this GW's way of stopping spam?

Warlord Trait - Command traits has Inspiring Presence which means units within 12" of your warlord can use their leadership.

Warlord Trait - Personal traits has Immovable Object which means the warlord can capture objectives.

New Rule - Interceptor, this gives the ability to shoot at units as they arrive from reserve.

New Rule - Skyfire, this allows the unit to fire at flyers at the models bs instead of bs1.

Sqns - Models in a sqn do not block each others los.

Mysterious Terrain - Archeotech Artefact, when this is discovered every psyker on the board suffers D3 S3 AP2 hits.

New Deployment - Hammer and Anvil, game is played along the long edge of the table (No more putting people by the radiator for Mercer!)

Secondary Mission - First Blood, first to kill an enemy unit gains a victory point.

New Rule - Flyers always arrive from reserve.

Flyers have to engage hover mode to allow units to disembark. While hovering flyers are counted as a fast skimmer.

New Rule - Multiple Assault, you can charge seperate units but you lose the +1 attack for charging (Fire Dragons say hello to static gunlines!).

If a flyer is shot down units on board take a S10 hit.

New Rule - Overwatch, when a squad is charged they can fire at the assaulting unit but they fire at bs1.

Rule Change - Fleet allows you to re-roll the 2d6 charge roll.

Terrain - Imperial Statues, armies of the imperium within 2" of an imperial statue are fearless.

Terrain - Fuel Tanks, grant a 5+ cover save, every time the fuel tank grants a cover save roll a D6, on a 1 the fuel tank explodes causing a S3 hit.

Terrain - Impact Craters, these grant a 5+ cover save.

Overwatch - Flamers cause D3 automatic hits when firing on overwatch.

New Rule - Snapfire, when stunned Dreadnoughts (possibly all walkers/vehicles) can snapfire at bs1.

New Rule - Ongoing Reserves, flyers can leave the board and be placed back in reserve, they then roll their reserve roll as normal.

Flyers - If a flyer is destroyed the wreckage can land on top of units and cause damage.

And that my friends is that, White Dwarf has been an interesting, if a little vague, read this month. It has done its job in getting me hyped for 6th :D


  1. Will it be snapshot or over watch? What do hull points really do? Plenty of answers will be in store!


    1. Snapshot is firing a heavy weapon on the move without the need for relentless, but at BS1.

      Overwatch is reactive fire to being charged using BS1 (except for a few special rules which allow normal BS).

    2. Out of interest, do you know who/what gets those special rules?

    3. Snapshot is everyone including vehicles as far as I can work out, and overwatch is also anyone with a ranged weapon. Although blast template weapons can't be used and I think there's a different rule for flamer templates.

    4. Template weapons are D3 automatic hits

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  3. Check out the Imperius Dominatus post comments for more information. Plenty of people ask for further clarification and Metallicarule answers what he can from the White Dwarf.

  4. Can you buy Archeotech Artefact as your terrain piece , payback to GKs for Cleansing Flame etc. LOL

    1. I doubt it, though that would be great anti-GK tech. d3 S3 AP2 hits against every squad and character is bound to do some damage.

    2. Nope, its a randomly rolled result :( Sounds like it will be a system akin to mysterious terrain in WHFB.

    3. Yeah, it's a roll on the mysterious terrain table

    4. Unfortunately, all GK models/units are not currently classified as individual psykers. They use the Brotherhood of Psykers rule to make group checks to activate powers. As such, perils and any negative affects are usually resolved against a squad leader, not the whole squad. I would assume that this power wouldn't operate any differently. Though it is still a potential blow to a GK list.

    5. For clarification Archeotech Artefact is classified as 'Mysterious Terrain' and doesn't automatically cause that effect.

      You roll a D6 on a chart to discover what conditions are triggered the first time the terrain piece is entered.

      ONE (of the six) results you can get is the unit has disturbed a Psychneuein Hive - those little pixie chaps that DE Haemonculi use to eviscerate victims.

  5. "looks like my 60pt Dire Avenger squad will no longer be worth as many points as a fucking Land Raider...Yay :D"

    made me lol.

    Very excited for 6th.

  6. "Overwatch - Flamers cause D3 automatic hits when firing on overwatch"

    Does this mean you do not use the template and therefore do not have to strategically place a model with a flamer/template weapon in order to benefit from the overwatch rule? That is a valuable buff to flamers and yet not overpowered. I like that if it is true.

  7. By the way that a space marine is plastered all over the front of White dwarf and the rulebook, I think games workshop are trying to tell us what 6th edition will be like. :P
    Can't mix and match powers? I call BS. Look at what the daemon prince has in White Dwarf batrep - clearly a codex power and a rulebook power.
    I would like to know what hull points actually do, but that could take quite some time to find out...

    1. Any result that doesn't wreck or destroy your vehicle takes off a hull point when a vehicle has 0 hull points it dies.

    2. it cannot be that simple. If every weapon does a glancing hit and takes a HP why the hell would the Gauss be a Hull Point stripper? What advantage does the gauss have over other weapons if they all strip a HP either on a glance?

    3. Oooh... mebbe the Bolt of Change came from a new codex where no doubt there'd be a psychic discipling for each of the chaos powers, and slipped into the battle report by mistake ;)

    4. Hull Points aren't stripped on a glance. Then again, do glancing hits still exist as we know them?

    5. From the WD...

      -Ghost Arks have 4 hull points - they're great at killing enemy tanks as their gauss weaponry takes a off a Hull Point for every 6 rolled to penetrate. (From Robin's Necrons - Small box, pg 45)

      pg.64 - Unfortunately, the Vhaos Bastion was topped with a quad gun, whose Interceptor rule allowed it to fire at arriving reserves, knocking a Hull Point off the Stormraven.

      pg.66 - The Stormraven gunned down the Daemon Prince, but the Land Raider took everything he threw at it, only suffering a single Hull Point of damage.

      pg. 79-.. The Deffkoptas were one of the few units in range and able to fire, but they scored a penetrating hit on the Dreadnought with their rokkit launchers, stunning it and reducing its Hull Points to 2.

      pg. 83- ... Duncan's Dakkajet opened up with all of it's guns and the Spear of Chogoris was blown out of the air, its two Hull Points no match to for the sheer ferocity of the incoming fire.

      also pg 83, last paragraph...

      Shrike, looks like you will be waiting for the book unless someone posts the Hull Point section up on the web...

    6. Yes! And even then his page will be missing...mwhahaha!

      So if i hit with a gauss weapon then roll a 6, a hull point is gone?


    7. Gauss Strips additional hull points.

    8. I've been lead to believe that a weapon's AP value has something to do with its damage potential. Perhaps only AP1 and AP2 weapons will be able to cause an instant explosion, while AP3 and above can only wreck or destroy a weapon etc...

  8. Seems like assaulting has gone from bad to worse.

    In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only shooting.

    1. Yeah because jump infantry and fleet getting a 50% (on average) boost to their range is a nerf.... Not to mention JI getting much killier...and Fyling MCs becoming CCBs...

      Such a stupid comment.

  9. defensive ork's anyone?
    30 shoota boyz in cover on Overwatch. cheap lots of shots and only -1 BS especialy whit some extra big shoota's

    1. Sounds great until a big flyer drops a stick of bombs on your blob :)

    2. I know but was only a idea

      but stil the rule will make cheap low BS units more dangerus

      but I was tinking it wil probebly work with loota's even better and asaulting burna boys dos not sound a good plan

  10. The Word Bearers in the new WD look realy realy good. I'm tempted to get more than one squad of possessed now.

  11. AnonymousJune 22, 2012 9:37 AM
    it cannot be that simple. If every weapon does a glancing hit and takes a HP why the hell would the Gauss be a Hull Point stripper? What advantage does the gauss have over other weapons if they all strip a HP either on a glance?

    Sure it can - has it occured that there may not be such a thing as a glancing hit any more?

    1. so is there a difference between a hit and a penetrating hit? cause, please if you have the rule verbatim in front of you please provide.

    2. How im seeing it is your roll to hit. If you hit you roll to make a "damage" roll which in 5th is glancing/pens. If i roll a 6 on thay throw regardless of armour a HP is gone. It will probably work just as it is except hull points r removed instead.

  12. Overwatch - Flamers cause D3 automatic hits when firing on overwatch.

    OH man, my Burna boys are gonna be tasty as fuck.... Especially if they can snapfire out of an open topped transport


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