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Future Release Confirmations

What lies ahead for 2012 and 2013? Well this rumor set of full of adjustments. Dark Angels being the first codex of next year instead of Tau for example. If true, I would think Tau would be right after DA, but lets get to the rumor first.

These are rumored confirmations based on other rumors, so please take them as such.

He is listing things from the a rumor accuracy thread with his own rumor/confirmation/etc right after them

via Whitehat
October WOC Release -Delayed
CCW get AP in 6th Ed -Yes
Premeasuring in! -Yes
Wound Allocation is closest models to shooting unit first. -Yes
40k will have challenges like in fantasy-Similar
Hardcover book -Yes
Eldar flyer spotted -Yes
Dark Angels (May/June) -No
6th Edition (July/August) -No
Starter Box featuring Dark Angels vs. Eldar-No
Eldar (Oct/Nov Xenos slot) -No
October WOC Release -No
No EW Levels -Correct
Hull Points -Yes
Chaos Legions mid Year -Late, CSM, not Legions
Tau, first codex in 2013 -No
DA not updated anytime soon because GW doesn't want to invest in armies no one plays -No
Eldar before 6th -No
CSM get one of newest dexes in 6th -Yes
Tau / BT right after CSM - No
No TOS in 2012 - No to the Negative

June 30 is 6th Ed
August is Daemons wave (plastic troops, last two boxes)
DA Early next year
Apart from CSM, no more codexes/Armybooks this year

So if this was true, we are looking at the following
6th Edition June 30th
Chaos Marines mid-late year
August wave of Daemons
WoC- Delayed until who knows when
Early 2013- Dark Angels Codex

A lot of talk over these rumors say that he is just writing down what he got from Beasts of War. However, I can tell you that most of these rumors did not come from BoW first, some in fact came from Grant here on Faeit 212, others from Tastytaste, and even more from Stickmonkey, Harry and others. So I beleive he is not just repeating rumors, but who knows.

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  1. I see you forgot Squats on that list. I'm disappointed.

    1. ... and somewhere a clock resets. :P

      I'll be in other corners...


  2. What are WoC and CCW?

    1. WoC I think is Warrior's of Chaos and CCW is Close Combat Weapon. I could of course be wrong.

    2. We Over Charge?

      (just kidding)

    3. We Over Charge?

      (just kidding)

  3. Replies
    1. I'd like to know the answer to this question.

    2. Throne of skulls

  4. For the love of the Greater Good why?!

    1. Isn't it obvious? The 40k community is in desperate need of another power armor codex, because the current selection is just laughable. Honestly I just don't get why didn't they already publish a codex: Imperial Fist or something instead of the necrons. That would have made so much more sense...

  5. My guess:
    WoC: Warrior of Chaos but why in W40K
    CCW: Close-Combat Weapon

    ToS: Throne of Skulls ??!?! but there are ToS tournaments in 2012.

  6. Now that Grant has said 'No to DA vs Eldar', I'm inherently curious as to what he's been told for the starter set?

    Is it indeed CSM vs DA, with a guide saying 'Spiky armoured guys are bad and the robed ones are good' or will the starter set be something to shock all of us?

  7. Chaos Daemons - "Plastic troops, last 2 boxes"
    What are the 2? I get that one is Plaguebearers, what is the other?

    1. Furies, perhaps?

      I think the next codex will be chaos, but maybe DA and Chaos are released at the same time, as their codices are outdated for 6th. I believe the WD spine shows a fallen dark angel, hinting at just this. I think they'll stick to imperial/Non-imperial from that point it might be
      DA (2012)
      Chaos marines (2012)
      BT (2013)
      Tau (2013)
      SM (2013)
      Eldar (2014)

  8. I have it on good authority from my Local GW store that the 23rd June is the White Dwarf release date which is when both a) The first actual confirmation of the rules will arrive (Through a captioned battle rep explaining the main changes in the rules) and b) the new rulebook will go on pre-order. Pre-order period will be two weeks, placing release date of rule book 7th July. Inbewteen White Dwarf and 6th release dates, GW stores will be running 'taster' sessions of 40k. The exact content of these games is yet unknow, and is the reason behind the Nationwide management meeting at GW HQ in nottingham which is taking place next Mon/Tue. GW stores will not receive the rulebook prior to the official release date on the 7th July, so I'm intrigued to see what the 'taster' games will be like.

    I imagine after meeting we will start to see a few more snippits come to light.

  9. Ugh the wound allocating to closest model is just stupid. The only rumor I've heard that I think will hurt actual gameplay. It was the worst 4th edition rule and I was happy to see it go.

  10. I would sacrifice a baby to Khorne if it would get me the contents of the starter set already!

  11. Aun'va is facepalming himself right now
    Makes me wonder though, I got my tau codex within the first month it came out, and right now it's falling apart, pages are falling out, cover is fraying...
    Is my codex going to turn to dust before the Tau get their long awaited update?

    1. Yes. Then you will be able to sit in a desert made from the dust of Tau codices, while tumbleweed and Tau models blow past.
      ... then you will get your Tau codex after all of the Space Marine Chapters get their own individual codices.

  12. so basicall,noboby knows there head from there ass yet,up until this last week everyone thought the chaos dex was called chaos legions,isnt it kind of funny that thyese guys couldnt even get the first thing that was leaked right the name,now were supposedd to believe thay know whats actually in it?wow,how badly some people just want calling bullshit on this one.

  13. Seems like these rumour mongerers are just taking guesses left right and centre in the hopes that eventually they will be right.

    Well, here is a snippet of truth for you - direct from a friend who is on the warhammer world events team, the studio open day is indeed geared towards promoting the new edition - however, as a treat on the day (I know, I nearly choked when I heard it), GW is giving all attendees of the open day a free soft back copy of the new rulebook so they can use it as a reference to what they see and do at the open day. Essentially, they are treating the open day as a free event to promote the new edition and ticket holders get the rulebook at a discounted price - again as a sort of way of promoting the new rules and circulating the new edition a bit quicker to encourage the attendees friends to buy a copy quicker once they have seen it in the flesh away from hovering GW staff in stores.

    1. Holy s***... Is this Open Day free? Are tickets sold out?