The Starter Set is rumored to be released this coming September, and consist of Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines. As more rumors start to float in from just about everywhere, its important to establish a baseline, and this compilation is it. This will be added to the compilation pages above as well.

Please remember that these are rumors, as no official announcements have yet been made.

via 75hastings69
The 6th ed Starter Set will be Dark Angels vs Chaos
The Chaos forces are made up of CSM Chosen, as well as Cultists/Traitors and a funky Chaos Dreadnought.... amongst others
I'm expecting the Starter Set mid September
Starter news I have heard from several places now:

Dark Angels
Terminator Captain
5 Deathwing
Tac Squad
Ravenwing bikes (3 likely)

Chaos Marines
CSM squad?

Dreadnought seems likely, as it adds vehicle rules. CSM squad may be referring to the chosen, or may not. Posessed will have to see, but they would add a daemonic aspect to the force.

via Kaelarr
The Chaos forces

I have seen the Chaos Dread, and been told that it will not be in the Starter Set. the new plastic chaos dread is gorgeous, and has a tonne of options on the sprue. the 6th Edition starter box will not include a Chaos Dread, but there will be a separate plastic kit.

The Dark Angels
Terminator Captain,

via Darnok
I can confirm 100% that the Starter Set is slated for a September release

The starter is due September 1st, staffers have a block for holidays on that weekend and the following weeks.

via Tallarn
There will be two versions of the starter set for the first time. Rather than the box containing two armies each will have one, so Dark Angels versions and a Traitor version. Each will have a selection of figures, but the extra space in the box will focus on scenery. So there will be a small Dark Angels force with a Dark Angels specific piece of scenery in one box, and a small Traitor force and Chaos specific scenery in the other.

via Beasts of War
Starter set will include Belial for Deathwing.


  1. Eh i could care less whats in it. I just want ma baby ruleboom!

    1. I can agree with you but do you suppose they might not put a mini rulebook in the starter set?

      I'm just speculating.


    2. Quite possible that they put in only a smaller paperback version, as they did with WHFB, and sell the harcover seperatly.

    3. They not paying the probable $70-100 for two armies i dont play and no rulebook. And in sure many other players who dont play either would be upset at a lack of rulebook.

  2. I hope it is a dual box, the idea of 2 separate boxes to buy means I'll probably spend too much on these things. I want a dread, admittedly, but I would not be disappointed if it didn't include one. The Termies and bikes are more important on my list. Cultists are definitely a big want, as I get the feeling I already have most of the units in the book besides them.

    Hopefully there will be a shot of the starter set/sets/special editions/whatever else in the WD next month, that would put all our anxious hopes to rest.

  3. If starter box prices remain the same you'll be paying an awful lot for "half" a original starter box with some extra terrain. Not to excited.

  4. One side will have a vehicle of some sort, IMO.the whole point is to learn the individual rules of the game(thus the inclusion of the Dread for SM) I think that if they go away from a dual box set then they are missing the whole point of the box set. (cheap entry for two players) I can't see the separate sets being true. Also if DA get a named character and Chaos is stuck with a faceless sorceror that will suck. I was hoping for Alpha Legion versus DA, but since the rumors all say no new special characters I don't think I can stand seeing another army all in blue

  5. I'm positive the starter set will have two armies, the rulebook, dice rulers and templates. That's kinda the definition of a starter set.

    1. By Games Workshop terms, it is indeed. My opinion is that there will be a vehicle of some sort (Chaos dread) so players can learn the rules for them, and there will either be two special characters or none. All or nothing, as the armies are supposed to be balanced with each other.

    2. I hope they come in 2 in one box. Though1 box for Each could theoretically be more practical as you wouldn't have an army you didn't want. But I like having 2 armies in 1 bix

  6. I think a rhino might make more sense than the dread. Then you get embarcation rules too.

  7. I hope possessed are in if only because that means the new possessed might not suck.

  8. Wow, remind me to ignore rumors from Tallarn, one army & some terrain is an army starter box, not a starter set.
    I wish it was real though, I would love to get some cool terrain.

  9. Dont know if this is old news or not but i found this on GW website for Typhus and his zombie horde.

  10. i think it will be in one box, and will charge more

  11. 2 separate boxes would be rubbish cause you might not get the mini rulebook .

    Do you get codexs?
    that would be good. might cost more though.

  12. It is widely accepeted that the box will be
    CSM Vs DA.

    Im quite sure the dreadnought will be in , with cultists and chosen + an independent character
    - chaos lord probably.

    For DA there will be the ravenwing and deathwing - without them it would just be normal space marines - a tactical squad + an independent character - captain or terminator captain?

    A psyker on one side would make sense.
    (librarian / sorcerer)

    unlikely to have named characters on either side.

    it will probably be (close to) £100's worth on each side.
    (usually is)

    From my army pedictons above:
    Chaos = £100
    DA = £85
    So if there is a psyker it will probably be a DA librarian.

    Thats my guess.

  13. And who are you to make these "predictions", you stupid wanker?

  14. spoke to my local games workshop staff and she said she would confirm DA and CSM which is old news but she also said it would definately be two armies in a box with mini rulebook and dice and templates with one vehicle

  15. also she did not say no to having belial in the box so thats confirmed


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