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Codex Chaos Marines: A Rumor Compilation

Very soon I expect Chaos rumors to be surfacing at a greater rate. To make sense of it all it was time to do a compilation of rumors floating around so that we have a baseline to work off of. For the most part we expect this codex to be the first codex of 6th edition. Lets take a look at what is being said.

Please remember that these are rumors, and are to be given a grain of salt. I have on purpose not included theDarkGenerals rumors. Perhaps I will do a separate post at a later date for his rumors.

Chaos Space Marines
Release Date:
dates for release vary from August to Sept-Oct

via atraphos
Further rumors - in around 2 months time we should see 6th and the following month the CSM Dex, building on the CSM released in the 6th starter.
A double month of CSM coming up soon.
My source supports the CSM HQ being the stat or force chart changer theory that has been rolling around
via Tastytaste
Sept-Oct Chaos Space Marines
The Chaos Space Marine codex is the only 40k codex for this year. It is not going to be divided into two codexes or anything special. This is not the return 3.5 codex everyone has been wanting this is more a clean up than anything else.
Troops choices will be Chaos Space Marines and Cultists
All Cult Marines are Elites
No new Special Characters
Special Characters will unlock Cult Marines as troops (Kharn for Berserkers and so on)
Typhus makes Cultists into Zombies
Chaos Dreadnaught is removed and replaced with a new unit (like how pariahs were replaced with Lychguard)
CSM now get a Flyer a Mechanical Chaos Dragon (model is done will be part of initial release)
Lesser and Greater Demons are gone
Spawn replaced by “Fell Beast”
Rules for Traitor Guard are in!
Oblit options will be even more expansive with close combat load out available.

via Bigred on BOLS
Codex author is Phil Kelly
Chaos Cultists are available in blob squads into the thirties...
Certain Named Characters grant various USRs and other special rules to Cultists when selected.
-The "flying dragon thingy" is coming. It is a flyer and one of two entirely new units added to the codex.
-The second new unit is said to be a Chaos answer to the Grey Knight Dreadknight.
-The Chaos Dreadnought is indeed still there (take a breath people), but gets a new name, and a rules overhaul.
-Hardcover book (just like Fantasy army books)

via Grant
Imagine a dragon made of "fire" and coverd in a platemale armor and you won't be too far off. That is the best discription I can give.
Some of the concept art shows it mauling a valkyrie mid flight. It is pretty cool.
Chaos units that kill a unit get to roll on a chart for gifts from a chaos lord very similar to the power from pain rule that Phil gave to DE.
Thousand sons are still relentless and still have ap 3 bolters.
The codex is a full color hard cover book.
There are no legion rules
you can do is unlock certain elites as troops with specific special characters.
Ahriman is a psyker mastery level 4 now.

via MrSteelfist
Only a little rumour i picked up at Warhammer World but i've heard mention that there will be a Techmarine type character, not sure if this is a SC or just a HQ choice though.

I just recalled being told that there would be a smaller demon engine that operated in a "pack" but isn't Brazen Knights. This may bestudio people just throwing some falsehoods out there to mess with us but thought it worth mentioning.

via BramGaunt
heard Special characters such as Kharn, Ahriman etc unlock unlimited Cult units as Troop choices, but generic HQ choices with a mark allow one appropriate Cult unit as Troops (similar to Ork Warbosses and Nobz). He also said he'd heard Chaos players will need to nominate one HQ selection as the army general, and that one will determine which Cult units become troops. No taking Kharn and Ahriman and getting bothe Berserkers and Rubriks as Troops

via Stickmonkey
plastic Chaos drop pod could be in the works, but tempered that by saying we probably wouldn't see it any time soon. Whether the kit is released soon or not, there could be a chance of the rules appearing in the Codex though

via Darnok from February 2012
painted versions of all four Cult Terminators have been sighted, but they could have been conversions. These could have been made with the sprues other rumours have mentioned.

codex is done and almost at the printers

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  1. I can't wait for this codex, just so I can start building and painting for it!

  2. Me as well! I really hope that something like Suppression from project biomorph is in 6e and that Noise Marines get it. Or that pinning actually has a snowballs chance of happening to something and they get that. Either way I need to get my hands on a Lucius character model to get my Noise Marines on the table.

  3. They had better have Legion rules.

  4. they will not have legion rules as holding them back as a suppument or a White dwarf 'dex means more ££££ for the company

    1. But you realise this is Chaos we're talking about. We are here to get worse with each new codex, and never be as good as the damned Spass Mehreens.
      Yes, I get the point about a White Dwarf release, but even if that did happen, it would be in about 3 years time, and that's too long to wait for some of us.

  5. If you want a unit by unit breakdown of all/most of the rumours posted so far check out my compilation over at Heresy Online.

  6. The good:
    - codex author is Phil Kelly (thank god!)
    - hardcover book
    - cultists / techmarine
    The bad:
    - just about everthing else, though lack of legions and cult terminators is particularly galling
    The ugly:
    - Flaming, plated dragon flyer thing...really? For daemons, yeah, okay, I could see that if I squinted long enough, but for CSM? Come on!

    1. I feel pretty much the same way here. I don't want to take specific HQs to use cult units. It's pointless and unnecessary. As well as the fact it destroys the fluff. Are the Skulltaker Bezerkers led by Kharn? Are the Scourged nothing more than followers of Ahriman? No! It's ridiculous that Games Workshop are taking away one of the last remaining ways in which we can run legion (or splinter faction) armies.
      Cult Terminators? IIRC, there are rules for 1k Sons Termies in one of the apocalypse formations. It's really not that hard just to put rules like that into the codex, and it would make the customers happy.
      As for the dragon, I will reserve judgement until I see the model, but I think it could fit in a World Eaters army (although probably nothing else).

  7. Just checked GW website, big advert for design studio open day. Reading through the blurb it says " just the tip of the iceberg" for the days events. Just thought I'd mention it

    1. In the same post it also advertises a Chaos Terminator painting day in September. To me that means there'll be new CSM terminators by then.....

    2. So according to these rumors or just one... There are goin to he only TWO entirely new units? Lol that's bullshit. Why would people by re-made versions of models they have hundreds of? Ya I doubt that. GW is not about to lose money on this...

    3. My post had nothing with the 2 above btw. Just messed up where I typed it.

  8. I hope this codex includes a bunch of daemon engines. I just ordered 2 blight drones, I have one defiler and am planning to buy a plague hulk eventually, and will probably buy a Decimator before the year is out, if they add 1-2 more non-fw daemon engines my display case will have a dark mechanicus playground! Oh, I suppose I should add a Baneblade to my list and create a plague reaper.

    I wouldn't mind a flying dragon thing, but I care more about having at least one new daemon engine that isn't a flyer.

  9. I'm cool with no 'leigon' rules, so long as you can get a level of flexibility from each unit.

    One Warseer rumor said that the 2 standard troops units will be CSMs and Cultists. If this is true, then I'm fairly happy with it so long as there are no way-over-priced options (Icon of Nurgel, currently) and enough options for the two choices to cover most legion's modus-operenti. I would like to see veteran skills available to the squads, but proper wargear and squad options would be enough.

    So long as cultists are in the same mold as ones we have seen in the past (guardsmen gone bad) I don't see how they could mess this one up too badly.

    I will be less pleased if I NEED to take a special character to take Cult squads in the Troops alotment, but it might not be so bad depending on how 6th ed is written. If we don't NEED troops units to hold objectives anymore, then the idea of elite Cult units becomes much more palatable.

  10. If they fuck this codex up by making it 'options-lite', I'm done with this hobby. Loyalist books are many, and from what it sounds like, we still get very limited shit? Chaos book sould have TONS of options, at least as many as 3 of the loyalist books combined, due to the broad range of Chaos flavor.

  11. sorry but if what happened to our codex last time is repeated, i might just have to repent my crimes against the emperor and go loyalist

  12. Have to agree chaos is always shat on. Just look at the dark vengance box me and about 20 fairly deent tournament players have been battleing with it all day and tge dark angels win everytime. I simply dont understand why space marines have so many codexs with another on the way and csm dont have much at all the only csm army ive seen in tournaments doing well on mass is plague marines and thousand sons. Anoter point blight drones are ridiculous for those who dont know they are basicaly armoured landspeeders with a heavy flamer battle cannon and a reaper cannon lol for 125pts anyways keep the feedback coming im enjoying the mutual feelings of resentment towards our mistreatment and loyalist scum