Here is a nice rumor set detailing some of the rules we have been discussing. It also looks like those that were declaring Power Weapons to be AP3 were wrong (BoW). The next big thing is that the psychic powers that you get out of the rulebook are indeed just minor powers that you get in addition to the ones you purchase in your codex. I know this was something we discussed here previously on Faeit 212. (there are counter rumors to this though, I will be posting later)

So a Lot of details are coming in fast regarding the new rulebook, and I hear my supplier already has my order. Need to make that call to verify.... Other cool things, are aegis defense lines, are very cheap pt wise.... Looks like time to pick one up or make some of my own.

One other thing incase you don't read between the lines.... Tau Firewarriors, Rapid Fire is now half range, which means extended 15" rapid fire, just like back in the day.

via Eldargal
New source of allegedly confirmed rumours here:
[10:35:09] Ok
[10:35:13] so GW is spoilin 6E
[10:35:15] over the phone
[10:35:23] allies chart is in for sure, a matrix
[10:40:13] you need 1 HQ 2 Troop of your own army
[10:40:26] then you can ally, need 1 HQ 1 Troop of that army
[10:40:31] then may take other slots
[10:45:49] it's still move shoot assault
[10:46:01] "snapshop" = stand and shoot for an assaulted unit
[10:46:20] BS1
[10:46:58] no template or blast
[10:47:32] someone gimme a BoLS link so I can confirm/deny ****
[10:48:04] "schools of psychic powers"
[10:48:11] not sure if its random though
[10:50:44] these psychic powers are IN ADDITION to your codex powers
[10:51:11] so you don't lose any of the powers in a current codex
[10:52:25] premeasure all the time
[10:52:40] random charges 2d6 for foot, 3d6 drop lowest for jump pack troops
[10:53:05] jump pack troops get "hammer of wrath" = impact hits, 1 A @ I 10, normwal weapon normal attack
[10:53:35] for jump packs, not sure about wings, maybe
[10:53:41] he only got to look at the book for an hour
[10:53:46] to "pick topics for customers"
[11:00:13] 6 missions, and 3 deployment zones
[11:00:23] primary and 3 secondary objectives
[11:00:28] vps for objectives
[11:00:35] source
[11:00:37] you have the book?
[11:00:45] oh, over the phone
[11:00:48] yeh
[11:01:02] "first blood" = 2nd objective
[11:01:09] worth 1 vp
[11:01:37] any questions chip?
[11:01:42] I got him for like 10 mins more maybe ;p
[11:01:50] can special characters be brought as allies
[11:02:07] he didn't see any limit on it no
[11:02:25] no more dawn of war, no more spearhead
[11:02:41] one is like triangles
[11:02:44] cleanse 2?
[11:02:47] vehicle damage chart info?
[11:03:13] as in?
[11:03:27] 1's stacking to destroyed? hull points?
[11:03:30] either/or/and
[11:04:20] short edge to short edge deployment type
[11:04:21] lol
[11:04:52] no ****ing way
[11:05:13] Can you get info about different CCW AP values
[11:05:20] he didn't look at that
[11:05:26] I did ask, there is somethin about CCWs
[11:05:37] power weapon is AP2
[11:06:35] You sure about that? Pretty confident people said AP3
[11:07:45] there is a hull point systemm, damage chart changed
[11:08:03] 1-2 shaked 3 = stuned 4 = weapon destroyed 5 = wrecked 6 = kablam
[11:08:25] he didnt seen an immobile on the chart
[11:08:42] he just "Saw that it said AP2, not sure what it was about"
[11:09:20] oh crazy
[11:10:05] terrain is a part of the FoC
[11:10:13] aegis defense line 50pts
[11:10:27] cover is 5+
[11:11:18] wow
[11:11:21] thats way cheaper than i thought
[11:11:39] any example psychic powers?
11:12:31] nope
[11:12:42] "fortifcation FOC slot"
[11:13:09] 1 per game
[11:14:38] so no tables full of terrain
[11:15:57] err sorry 1 per player per game
[11:16:25] rapid fire is half range not 12"
[11:17:47] oh interesting
[11:17:51] rapid fire isnt limited by movement
[11:17:52] but aren't rapid fire guns 24"
[11:17:55] so half range is 12"
[11:18:09] snapshot is also for HWs that have moved
[11:18:52] wait, so you can fire a krak missile as a snapshot?
[11:19:06] yes
[11:19:10] BS1
[11:19:22] heavy bolter that moves = 3 shots at BS1
[11:20:54] thats insane


  1. Honestly, I can wait long enough to find out if all the rumors are true or not, I guess we've only got a few more days!

  2. Any word on price of the Gamers edition? I can see the collectors looks like it is £80 but can't see the gamers price. Fromt he US price I would guess £75 but would love to see that courner GW.

    Now, which to get...

  3. Man, there go my plans for an actually viable honor guard. If they're just going to get sliced open in assault by anyone with a power weapon their advantages over terminators melt away next to the survivability. Hoping it doesn't actually pan out due to this, it doesn't sound like he was all that confident about the power weapon AP2 thing...

    "he just "Saw that it said AP2, not sure what it was about"

    1. Maybe he saw power fist instead of power weapon?

  4. heavy bolter that moves? yay! they're taking cues from the Space Marine game!

    1. But only in respone to a charge... even so :)

      I'm wondering if fearless units can snap-fire a charging unit at their normal BS. It would make Triarch Praetorians with Rod of Covenant make sense.

    2. Shot in the dark but perhaps Heavy Weapons have been changed so you can fire while on the move at BS1 but need to stop to fire at full BS. Rules like "Relentless" would allow for shooting at full BS even while moving?

    3. That would be very nice but I have doubts

  5. I preordered my book last night!

  6. Well, I doubt that. Necron units wouldn't be chargeable anymore. Just imagine your Ork Boyz getting 40 shots AB4 S4 if they assault. Even walkers would have a tough time given that 40 shots of gauss flayer wreck a Land Raider more than 50% of the times, if rumors on hull points are true.

    1. I was referring to Relentless giving full AB for snapshot, of course.

    2. The scary thing is thay a previous rumor said thay gauss on the role of a 6 to HIT. would take away a hull point. Then im addition to stripping a HP you then get to make the glance roll against the vehicle.


  7. So Firewarriors can now be mobile as long as they keep you in those three extra inches.

    Haven't done that since someone corrected me about how Rapid Fire works.

    1. I think rapid fire is change to 2 at full stationary or moving 1 at full or 2 at half so they can stay 6 inches away

  8. So now we know why that boxset with bastions and defense lines is so expensive now

  9. Natfka, the first paragraph of your post doesn't make sense; 'The next big thing is that the psychic powers that you purchase out of your codex are indeed just minor powers that you get in addition to the ones you purchase in your codex' - Which are minor, Codex powers or rulebook powers? :)

    1. I read "out of" as being, the powers that you purchase outside of your codex (i.e. from the main rule book) are minor powers.

      It was a bit confusing to read at first, but when you think of it this way it makes sense, though to most saying I bought the book out of my pocket money, means you used your pocket money to buy the book, not that you used another source of money to buy it.

    2. I see your point, Kinda :) but if I said 'If I have a Predator purchased out of the Blood Angels codex' that, to me at least, means i'm taking about the Predator that comes out of the Blood Angels dex, not every other predator not in the Blood Angels dex, So Psychic powers from out of the Codex surely means powers which come out of the codex, not powers from anywhere but in the codex.

      Stupid grammer, now the whole sentance has no contex I thought about it that much!! :)

    3. Thanks, edited with real English.

    4. And my sanity is returned! :) Thanks Natfka. Also, next time a source has a book for 'only an hour' tell them less reading more scanning!! :D

  10. It would be nice indeed if rapid fire weapons could fire once at full range even if moving. While benefiting everyone, it will help Dark Eldar get those Pain tokens they desperately seek.

    I hope that rapid fire is back to half range. I have no idea why in 5th edition they changed it to just 12 inches for every weapon.

    I play against Tau, and it would be nice to see them get to be a bit mobile rather than forming a fire line. Given that they are so poor in close combat, giving them mobility and range advantage for rapid fire will make them more interesting to play.

  11. Looks like the special edition cover (left page of WD pic) has the full picture on the spine on the White Dwarfs.

  12. It looks like good edition for Tau despite not having psykers they got much better rapid fire, not only Fire warriors but also kroots with krootox(krootgun is s7 ap4 rapid fire weapon with 48") also jetpacks will be much more mobile(8? move + 2k6 disengage in assault phase).

  13. Do relentless units get to none shoot and snapfire if so shooty terms will get a well deserved buff

  14. I'm not convinced on the damage chart, no immobilised seems unlikely, its been in there since you could hit the tracks separately in second ed. The change to rapid fire weapons is huge for most armies, and with 90% of armies standard weapons being rapid fire, I guess this will even to offer no significant race advantage, although I think armies which are reliant on mid to short range fire, such as Sisters, will see more of a benefit than other armies with a better split of long and short fire (such as guard and marines).

    Stacking the psychic powers with the current ruleset seems a little over the top, I mean most players who have the option of a psychic and non-psychic HQ choices opt for the Psykers as it stands now. If they are getting an additional boost (for free) I just see a lot of redundancy coming into effect. I hope they release some revised wargear lists for armies with no psychic defence to avoid these armies being totally nerfed. I'm also hoping the increased power will result in increased dangers i.e. a more punishing perils attack. Be nice to see the likes of Mephiston explode every one and a while in a similar manner to a Teclis in fantasy. Bye-bye 300 points to some dodgy rolling :)

    Snap fire seems like a nice idea but strategically pointless. Aside from guard squads, how much damage is any unit likely to do shooting at Bs1 with no blast/template weapons?

    Short to Short table edge deployment is similar to spearhead, so i'm used to that. Only real buff this gives is to gunlines who can deploy insanely far back (I'm known to deploy 10+ Leman russ battle tanks on my back line in spearhead. Melta? Pah! :) )

    In respect of fortifications, again is a nice touch but with only one slot, this is hardly a ground breaking change. 50 points for some defence lines probably puts a bunker-esq style terrain piece in the region of 150-200 points. Who would sacrifce so many points on a piece of terrain?

    Then its only the allies rule. I'm split on my opinion on this. in theory, it allows some great 'flufftastic' armies to be built, in practise, it probably means I'll be fighting at least some Grey Knights 90% of the time instead of the current 75%.

    As a nice little knowledge nugget in respect of the final point, I am playing in this years 40k doubles tournament at Warhammer World and I have spoken with Adam at Warhammer World who is the event co-ordinator, who has confirmed (for the tournament at least) that HQ's and transports from different forces cannot interact (no IC's from one force joining units from another, same with embarking on transports) and also special rules which effect 'Friendly units' do not cross over either i.e. allied Imperial Guard units would not gain FnP from being within 6" of a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest. Be interesting to see if these restrictions stay into 6th.

  15. Hmmm...why put PW as ap 2 though?Strange....and has there been a chart that says who can allywith what?

    1. Power weapons skip armor saves they have always been ap2

    2. I know so why put them as ap2?

    3. Because all close combat weapons are getting ap values and its just an easier way to show it.

  16. Ive see folks on a few posts griping about the overwatch/snapfire rule being insane. So I gave it a try.

    10 ork nobs assaulting 10 marines. Now, assuming none of the marines died in the shooting (since its confirmed that its still move-shoot-assault) I fired at the orks. took 10 dice, rolled to hit at BS1 got three hits. Rolled to wound got 3 wounds. Rolled my 4+ armor saved 2. rolled my 5+ FNP and missed....1 wound on a nob.

    Repeated this process 5 times, and could not cause more than one wound on the attacker. "But Rush....Nobz are elites!"

    ok, same process with Ork Boyz with armor.
    5 times repeated, never could kill more than 2.

    But flamers! Ok..true, but flamers have to be in the front to reach out..but now the assaulting unit that shoots into the defender, will be killing models in the front first, so that flamer is in real danger. Seems that one rule does a good job of balancing the other, and overwatch isnt near as good as people make it out, considering I cant get 10 marines to kill more than 2 boyz, or cause more than 1 wound on nobz...which doesnt help much when youre being charged by 20 boyz with 4 attacks on the charge, or 10 nobz with 5 on on the charge.

  17. Heavy weapons can move and shoot at bs1? Or is that only for snapshot? 6+ to hit flyers?

    Lootas are shaping up to be the best shooty unit of 6th. who cares if everything I do is bs1 instead of bs2...

  18. Hooray they took away and now giveth back rapid fire at half. Why take it away in the first place. So dumb, but happy to have it back in time for the 2d6" assault moves. That was the dumbest move in 5th. It nerfed 2 Tau weapons.

    Lets hope the codex is worth it instead of them just adding a couple new units that are worthless. Hopefully they redo attributes and points and give stuff useful to squad leaders(not +1 attack or 28 shaper

  19. Has it been said how wound allocation in cc will work? Just the same or like shooting?

    1. As long as pile in stays the same im pretty sure wound allocation in CC will stay very similar. If i remember, the 5th ed rulebook makes reference to the "swirling mass" or something like that. Hopefully they will do something to simplify it like they did for shooting though.

  20. I just really hope WS 10 isn't just a waste anymore by still only getting to hit on 3's.

    Should be able to hit on 2's if your WS is higher then Double the targets WS.

    or Atleast get to Reroll your failed hits.


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