Of course I have a little bit more information on the rules coming out of the White Dwarf. While some of this has been gleaned before, its all about any new tidbits of information.

These are taken from those lucky enough to have the White Dwarf a little bit early, and generous enough to send them in to Faeit 212. .

via Shas'o
Feel No Pain is 5+, only InstaDeath overrides it.
Flyers: (mentioned explicitly) Valkyrie, Storm Talon, Stormraven,
Bommerz, Razorwing.

Shooting at Flyers from ground at BS1, overridden by Skyfire rule
(letting you use normal BS). Only when Flyers is Zooming. Hover mode
is like Fast Skimmer.

Launching multiple assault takes off +1 A for charging.

Most vehicles have 3 HP, Dreadnought for sure.

Snap Shots may be fired when Veh is Stunned.

Flyers may Evade for 5+ cover.

4+ for Look Out, Sir to redistribute wound, 3+ for ICs

Storm Talon is 2 HP, as possibly other Flyers.

There is talk about those Psychic powers, reeading between lines is:
well, future Codexes will have them redistributed better, though for
now it would be fail not to use them. then there is that table flying around on
internets. Each Codex which has something to use has its own paragraph
explaining how to use them, mechanics vary between armies.

Forgot to add, something interesting is written (citing):
"My final choice for Primary Detachment [...]". Sounds like there are
more Detachment types than we thought at first. :)


  1. Does anyone know how the hull points will work??
    Will it be - x number of efects will remove x hull points and when it's done the vehivle is destroyed, hull points regenerate every turn or players can remove hull points to negate an effect - they won't be regenreated (indestructible LR :/) or other way??

    1. This has been discussed to death in previous posts.

      No one seems to know and those that might do aren't talking. So we'll have to wait for them to squawk or the rulebook to be released

    2. Ok thx for fast answer

    3. As it stands now...

      Only penetrating hits remove hull points, except for the Necron Gauss which can remove HP from a glancing hit

    4. According to Grant several weeks back, a vehicle that loses all it's Hull Points is wrecked (he was right about Land Raiders having 4HP and most vehicles having 3HP, so there's a good chance he's right about this).

      We've also learned in the past few days that Necron Gauss weapons are great at removing HPS, needing only a 6 on the armour penetration roll (i.e. a glancing hit).

      So from the sounds of things, most vehicles will be destroyed by 3 unsaved glancing/penetrating hits, regardless of rolls on the damage chart.
      If an explosion is rolled after a penetrating hit, then that vehicle is still instant killed.

      Everything else Grant said has been confirmed, so there's a good chance he was right about this as well.

      Essentially, HPs serve the purpose of making vehicles less durable, to satisfy all those people who complained about them being too hard to kill.

      To put things into perspective, a Rhino which is assaulted would be comparable to a model with toughness 6, 3 wounds, 0 attacks,and no armour save whatsoever. You only need 3 glancing hits from MEQ models to destroy one in an assault.

      A rhino will no longer be able to survive round after round of hits.

      As long as they have made them less prone to instakills, I think it's a good idea.

    5. Gauss weapons remove Hull Point on a '6' rolled for penetration regardless of the AV.

      Coupled with the new rules for Rapid Fire, Necron Warriors are going to be nasty AV.

      Tesla weapons still inflict two extra hits for every six rolled to hit. So assault tesla armed Immortals at your peril - Hello Anrakyr The Traveller :)

    6. Oh, and watch out IC's as Deathmarks can now choose which model to hit if they roll a six to hit. Add that to their damage on a 2+ and they're even better.

      I wonder if they can shoot in the opponents shooting phase if they deep strike in the opponents turn?

    7. A vehicle loses 1 HP on a glancing or a penetrating hit. Penetrating hits, in addition to losing a HP, roll on the vehicle damage table. A vehicle is wrecked when its HP is reduced to zero.
      I feel like this makes vehicles way too vulnerable.

  2. I do hope that "explicit" list of flyers isn't exhaustive or the necron scythes are screwed

  3. Worries me about FW Eldar Flyers..... Nightwing/Phoenix are 40K units but will we see them being included as flyers with hit points etc? they should (IMHO)

    1. Im sure they will either be IN the rule book, or immediately available via FAQ. If not, it appears that all normal flyer will have the same Hull Point values so....

  4. I am loving all this new artwork, it's far more dynamic and realistic than the usual fare.

  5. You forgot this from WD: Orc flyer leaving table and coming back next turn, and stormtropers transported in valkyrie getting one str 10 hit each with no save when shot down.

    Allso it says that when snapfiering with a flamer it got D3 atomatic hits.

  6. And flyers use normal bs against other flyers

  7. Short summary on generating psychic powers:

    * For each eligible psyker, you may chose to either use your codex powers or replace all of them with rulebook powers;
    * You get a fixed number of random powers from disciplines available to your army;
    * You may chose the discipline for every power you generate (aka for each roll).

    Number of powers generated
    Two powers: Librarian (Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Marines, Space Wolves), Primaris Psyker, Coteaz, Ezekiel, Mephiston, Njal, Typhus
    Three powers: Ahriman, Tigurius
    Four powers: Eldrad
    Equal to mastery level: Librarian (Grey Knights), Inquisitors (Grey Knights)
    Equal to number of purchased powers in codex: Chaos Space Marines (any psyker), Farseer
    Equal to number of powers in codex (including purchased powers): Tyranids (any psyker)

    1. Interesting. So Njal would give up all of his powers for only two rulebook powers while it sounds like Tyrants can get two powers, Tervigons 1-3, and Zoans get two while the Doom gets one.

      I wonder if the powers will be strong enough to justify running units of zoans with rulebook powers instead of warp blast and warp lance.

  8. Didn't someone joke about a rule named "Look Out, Sir"?

    1. That's the name of the rule in the WHFB rulebook, and is now in 40K.

    2. Yup, I was mentioning that last week. It just made sense with all the other rumors, glad to see it confirmed ;)

  9. First turn is still decided by a roll off

  10. aargh all of this is confusing!

    nice marketing move about the flyers.

    hey lets make them harder to hit by ground troops so people will spend lots of money now to by those expensive boxes... lol

  11. Looks like throwing grenades in the shooting phase has returned as well.

  12. "Launching multiple assault takes off +1 A for charging."

    What? Crap. And can all the units I assault snap fire at me? Come on... Shooting doesn't need to be buffed...

    "Snap Shots may be fired when Veh is Stunned."


    Looks like my Tyranids are going to take the shooty route.
    Especially when they get FnP against Las/Plas. Very helpful!

    Unless there is some new advantage to CC or at least a drawback for using snap fire.

    1. I'd say BS1 is a pretty good drawback for snap fire.

      Looks like a lot of the bigger nids will be able to use the smash attack for instant death whilst denying FNP.

    2. How is that a drawback?
      You get additional shooting (albeit crappy one) and that's it. You can always do it and kill some attackers. You will always do it and never decide to pass it up.
      How the hell is that a drawback then?? ;)
      BS 1 just makes it less effective, but engaging a unit in CC riskier.

      @Smash attack: It's a nice option (even if they did deny FnP before and I didn't had to half my attacks to do that).
      But nothing that wants me to go CC over shooting.

    3. If instant death still works the same (i.e. instant death on attacks of strength equal to twice your toughness or more), then most monstrous creatures will get to instant death most models at toughness 3, since most creatures are strength 6 or more. This means that most dark eldar with pain tokens with feel no pain, will not get to use it.

      The question is whether monstrous creatures still do 2D6 + S penetration, or has the smash attack replaced this rule?

      But yes, from the rumours there seems to be no drawback to snap firing at a unit assaulting you. I wonder though if offensive grenades will deny snap firing. probably wont though, but it would be nice if they did. Personally I would like to see it being an option where you can snap fire at the incoming unit but it halves your initiative value, or double the assaulters' value or you always strike last/at inititve 1, to represent they fact that you are too busy trying to shoot your attacker and not fixing bayonets for hand to hand. Again we probably wont see this though.

    4. Hmmm... mebbe they'll lose the 2D6, but just use their 'smash' strength, which would be pretty damned high if they allow it to go over 10 for the purposes of AP.

  13. I happily trade in the 4+FNP to get saves vs Power Weapons! No AP, MUHUHAHAH!!

    1. I think the Power Axe is AP2, and probably some of the more specialised weapons that tend to be classed as power weapons.

  14. Need someone to make a bet with me regarding Hull Points and non-Imperium Flyers. They won't get more than 1 Hull Point. Where as Imperium Flyers will get at least 2 Hull Points and cost the same amount of points.

    1. Or the Imperium gets a 4+ Wardsave taken against any and all attacks.

    2. lol... so cynical. In one of the battle reports, the Ork Dakkajet loses a Hull Point with no ill effect.

      "Suffered only a single Hull Point of damage"; implies that the Dakkajet has more than two HP's.

    3. Such a weak minded attitude. I've always played Crons/Nids/DE and have never felt underpowered in respect to the Terrans. Deep inspection in your mirror will more likely reveal the true source of your losing propensity.

  15. I think you mean Gleaned. Not Glistened. When something GListens it means it's shiney or glossy.
    When somethign is Gleaned it means:
    1 Extract (information) from various sources.
    2 Collect gradually and bit by bit.


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