Ahead of us are many games this weekend to attempt to get a grip on 6th edition. My first game is scheduled for tomorrow evening, and I plan on taking a wide variety of units to get a feel for the new rules. I definetly of course need a flyer or two, psykers, an allied detachment, and best of all, a game over 2000pts to feel the awesomeness of a larger FOC.

For this game, I needed one more piece of ruins for my game. Only having one set of ruins was really making it hard to lay terrain fairly, so my goal was to wrap up on more piece with some serious height for firing down upon the enemy.

Now in my spare time this week..... between posts, I have been putting together this set of ruins for my games coming up this weekend. This is the set of ruins I built to compliment the first I had built a month or so ago. Here are the pics......

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