If you have not seen the sample Space Marine Codex for the ipad, here is your opportunity to view it here. Having a digital codex really does seem cool to have and operate. If things work out, and updates are free, it could become a very valuable tool going into 6th edition.

A thanks goes out to our hand model, Konrad Curze, and for supplying the ipad to show off the new upcoming digital product.


  1. They posted that updates will be free once you paid for the initial digital codex.

    1. You need to delete your old one and re-install it

  2. hopefully they will bring it out for android devices too

  3. What would be cool is incorporating some list building software into the army list section.

    That would make me shell out for the digital version.

  4. The one part I don't like about is it doesn't list what the rules do in the unit discription page in stead it says what it does fluff wise to find the actual rule u have to look it up in the index

  5. I'm with you dakka. That sounds great. I'd actually shell out money for that if it had a clean ui. they have really missed the boat on all of this stuff. i hope they finally are turning a corner as a company and are going to wise up to the times. They are a novelty and very much a niche that could be made as popular as dnd and magic the gathering if they learned how to market themselves and lowered their prices.

  6. This vid doesn't really show the best two features of the digital versions which really make them worthwhile.

    Firstly, any rule name (such as "they shall know no fear") in bold can be clicked on and a pop up appears with the full rule details. In iBooks this is called the glossary of terms. Any word or phrase can be define as a term by the author.

    The sample codex I have tried has active terms for all the special rules on unit description pages.

    Secondly, the user can add their own bookmarks to any page creating your own quick links to all you most used pages.

  7. I don't understand how they can flat out ignore then android os. I'm in the US, is android just not popular in the UK? Here in the states, I know more people with android tablets than ipads. I don't understand why they would ignore such a large market.


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