In Warhammer 40k one of the defining rules that effects us every time we play is Missions. How are they handled, what deployment zones will our armies face, and what will be our objectives.

This series deals with that and a lot more. A big thanks to our "anonymous source with a book", he has been a big help. I know he is tired, and him and I are very different time zones (8hours), so it was gracious of him to spend the time to answer our questions here on Faeit 212.

Roll for mission type on a D6 (will discuss types later)
Roll on D3 for deployment type
1. dawn of war: long table edges
2. hammer and anvil: short table edges
3. Vanguard strike: diagonal table triangles

In each type you must deploy more than 12” from the center line (e.g. 24” between deployment zones

Setting up the battlefield – Either set up your battlefield to create a narrative, OR all fortifications placed first, alternate fortification deployment. Roll a D3 for each 2’ by 2’ section, this is “terrain density”. Place terrain until number of pieces (including fortifications) is equal to terrain density limit. Alternate which player deploys which piece of terrain, feel free to deploy for your advantage (this is fluffed away by saying savvy commanders pick their battlefield to give their army an advantage). I can’t see any recommendations for size of piece of terrain but then there are a lot of rules for terrain and I haven’t had time to read them all thoroughly

Place objective markers (as per mission type you rolled). These should be 1-2” in diameter. No objective within 6” of battlefield edge of within 12” of another objective, none to be placed in/on buildings, fortifications or impassable terrain. Some interesting special rules on objectives – called “mysterious objectives”, used in some missions. There are all sorts of random effects that can occur with objectives from them exploding to giving the unit controlling them skyfire to creating a gravity wave which halves charge distances.

Determine warlord traits – choose one of three categories and roll a D6
Deploy forces; player with first turn deploys all their units in their deployment zone, then player two deploys all their units. You may deploy within a fortification. Then infiltrating/scouting moves occurs.
Then sieze the initiative –as in 5th
Variable game length, same as 5th

Victory conditions;
Primary objectives; depends on mission (discussed later)
Secondary objectives; same for every mission each gives 1 victory point;
• Slay the warlord (as it sounds)
• First blood (first unit to be removed)
• Linebreaker (ending the game with one of your units in opponents deployment zone)

Troops are scoring units. Other units can be made scoring with special abilities, mission types, etc… cannot claim/deny(contest) an objective if embarked on transport or if falling back
Mission types: (VPs are always counted at the end of the game; i.e. you get the points for controlling it on the final turn, it doesn’t matter if you controlled it turns 1,2,3,4)

1. Crusade: D3+2 Primary objectives. Win by gaining victory points (VP). Each primary objective is worth 3 VP. All three secondary objectives. Mysterious objectives

2. Purge the alien: No objective markers. Each player receives 1VP for each enemy unit that has been completely destroyed. All three secondary objectives

3. Big Guns never tire: D3+2 primary objectives. Each objective is worth 3VP. Also receive 1VP for each heavy support killed, heavy support units are scoring, even if they are vehicles, as well as troop choices (USR called “heavy metal” lol). Secondary objectives, Mysterious objectives

4. The Scouring: 6 objectives placed upside down with numbers written on them, 1 has 4, 2 have 3, 1 has 1. after sieze the initiative flip the markers over. Each marker is worth the number of points written on it. You also get 1 point for each fast attack killed, fast attacks are scoring, even if vehicle, as well as troop choices. Secondary objectives, mysterious objectives

5. The Emperor’s will: Single primary objective on own table half. Each primary objective worth 3 VP. Secondary objectives, mysterious objectives

6. The Relic: rules for this are complex. There is a single objective in the middle of the field. Worth 3VP to the player who controls it. A model in a scoring unit can pick it up and move it away. That relic can never move more than 6” per turn (so you can’t run, etc..) while carrying it and it can’t go on flyers (they will crash if they can only go 6” :D). Secondary objectives.

Fortifications: you may have one fortification and one ally per primary detachment (so at 2000+ point you can take a second primary detachment, a second fortification and a second ally)

Forgeworld, imperial armour, and other expansions: in the back of the book there are a few one/two page summaries of each of the official expansions (including forgeworld), but no indication that these can be used in normal games or without your opponents consent.

pistols still give +1 attack (in CC), but you do not use the pistol's S and AP to resolve the attack, you use the CC weapon S and AP

Assault: "If the initial charger is found to be further than it's charge range from the enemy, the charge fails and no models are moved"

Acute senses:
acute senses says that: if you arrive on random board edge you may reroll the die to determine which board edge you arrive on. this includes if you arrive by outflank

No, acute senses does not grant outflank

Do the rules for wound allocation state if armour saves are all the same for the unit take them all at the same time then allocate actual wounds out as discussed above? i.e. ten wounds on a tactical squad,roll together, 4 failed saves so take off the closest 4 models? Players rolling one die at a time fills me with fear of 'practise rolling'.

there are suggestions for faster rolling including what you have suggested.
the exact mechanics are what I have written above

Leadership and morale:
fearless and morale have changed slightly.
Fearless automatically pass pinning fear and regroup tests and morale checks but cannot choose to go to ground and cannot choose to fail a morale check due to the Our Weapons are useless rule

Pinning is a leadership test (not a morale test) so if you auto-pass morale checks you still need to take pinning (but fearless specifically says protects against pinning) also many of the new psychic powers (and some of the old 'nid powers) are now effective against fearless units as they say take a leadership test, not take a morale test

a unit losing 25% of models in movement/shooting phase must take a morale check
units that lose a combat must make a morale check, -1 modifier for each wound lost combat by

Mv: 12" not slowed by difficult terrain even if charging, but treat all difficult terrain as dangerous
fall back: 3D6"
USR: fleet, hammer of wrath (check QnA summary for explanation of these rules)

Mv:12" not slowed by difficult terrain even if charging (don't have difficult=dangerous like cavalry)
Fall back: 3D6"
USR: Fleet, move through cover

skyfire rule means you shoot at ground targets as snap fire (BS 1), unless it also has the interceptor special rule in which case it uses full BS against all targets and can take an out of sequence shooting attack at deep striking units as they arrive (in opponents turn)

Hydra special rules not listed. until FAQ comes out hydra has only rules printed in codex

Hull Points for Flyers
quick scan says that 4 is the max so far
Valkyrie/vendetta has 3HP
stormraven has 3HP
razorwing jetfighter has 3 HP
Voidraven bomber has 3 HP
doom/night scythe has 3HP
dakkajet/bommers has 3HP

Here is my question about wound allocation, and I think where a lot of people are being confused. Do you only allocate the wounds on only the one model that is the closest, or the closest models (first row or row facing the shooters). I ask because it has a big difference. Thanks ahead of time. Man, I can't wait to get my book.

closest MODEL, then next closest MODEL.
as we play 40k, ranks are lose and so there may not be a "first row facing shooters"

I have a question about monstrous fliers.

There was a rumour that you could shoot them down,
so they would fall to the ground, take a S9 hit
and now could be charged. :O
Is this true? And if so what does it take to shoot down a flying monstrous creature?

this is true.
only works if traveled at swooping speed (zoom for flying MCs)
for each wound suffered from shooting roll a D6. on a 3+ nothing happens, on a 1 or 2 model grounded, as you said but no armour/cover saves allowed


  1. Forgeworld models can already be used in games without opponents consent. The recent IA books specifically state this in the introduction.

    1. FW is not GW. It's like saying Privateer Press says this book can be used in 40k games without opponent's consent.

    2. Man this is such a bad example. GW owns FW. I need as much permission to use a FW unit as I need permission to use Blood Angels...

    3. Except for the fact that Forgeworld is part of Games Workshop.

    4. Do you mean the models or rules? You certainly can't use FW rules unless both parties have agreed to use FW rules.

      For example, FW has Tau Flyer models, but there are no rules for Tau Flyers in either the Codex or BRB. Therefore, you can't use them.

    5. Some IA armor books say specifically" This unit may be takem as a Heavy Support choice in your Warhammer 40,000 army". I dont see the NEED for a consent but its still polite....

    6. There's WH40K and then there's WH40K played using FW rules.

      They're different in the same way that vanilla 40K is different from Cites of Death and Planetstrike etc...

    7. Even putting FW into the core rule book doesn't seem to convince some people. These are the same people that claim FW can never be GW because it wasn't born in the UK :P

      BTW FW is down the hall from GW and all there books are sold through GWs site, and the copy rights are GW.

    8. FW books say warhammer 40k expansion, 40k codices say warhammer 40k expansion... i fail to see the difference in refusing to play with one but not the other.

    9. You can use FW stuff, but you'd need to agree it with your opponent.

      As for tournaments. Unless they state that you can use FW stuff, then you couldn't just turn up with and army using FW rules and mini's.

      Yeah, so... FW is GW and as mentioned, there's even a mention of FW Campaigns in the BRB, but I still wouldn't turn up to a game and expect to be able to use FW stuff without agreeing beforehand.

    10. Warhammer 40k played with FW rules is Apocalypse. Not everything fw makes is just for massive games! Instance, i play DKoK. They are basically same as IG. Hell it even says they can do the orders system. Now they have a few SPecial rules. But none are really game changers.

      Make sure you check the IA books as most models CAN be used it normal 40k with their respective rules....

    11. Apoc is a 40k expansion. We don't use their rules (formations or models) either. Until the BRB states that FW units approved for 40k are allowed, permission is required. Of course you can refuse to play any list but...

      I've only been to one turney (Origins) where 40k approved FW models and rules were allowed. Every other one disallows the rules but would allow proxying the model.

    12. As of Imperial Armour - Apocalypse 2nd Edition, there is now two different types of Forgeworld models.

      40k approved and Apocalypse approved.

      40k approved models do not need opponent consent. It says so specifically in the beginning.

      Apocalypse models do not need opponent consent, but can only be used in apocalypse games.

      Some unit entries have different properties, for instance Vultures are 40k approved, but in Apocalypse games are flyers.

      Now with the flyer rules being added to the core rulebook, the FAQ to follow will probably move all flyers to 40k approved, and only Super Heavies and formations will be Apocalypse only.

    13. The way my GW does it is you have to ask your opponent if you can use FW rules. We all know they can be incredibly broken after all...

    14. Guys, don't argue with these people about FW stuff, they are so fisking clueless that I haven't found anyone to allow me to field a GW APPROVED Dreadnought because "it isn't in your codex and I don't care if GW says you can use it in any and all 40K games right on the paper".

      Face it, it is a consensus house rule like a few others in 5th that were never played RAW.

  2. There was a rumor that certain MC power weapons granted invuln saves. Is that not the case?

    1. Unless it's a codex specific thing, then no.

      MC (presumably you mean Monstrous Creatures) have the following special rules, none of which grant an invul save:

      Fear, HoW, MTC, Relentless and Smash.

    2. I think he meant master-crafted

    3. Yah, in this instance MC = Master Crafted.

  3. How does obscured work? Curious what smoke does as well as the tau larger that makes their vehicles obscured past 12".

    1. At least 25% of the vehicles facing that is being attacked needs to be hidden to claim obscured. Obscured gives a normal cover save. If it's a special rule from a codex etc... then the save is 5+ unless otherwise stated in the codex.

    2. Cover is pretty useless for DE skimmers now as they already have that 5++ flickerfield. Interesting though that they do not need to rely on cover.
      25% is true for hiding MCs as well I guess. Would make it easier to hide those really huge Trygons / Tervigons / Tyrannofexes.

    3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but flickerfields are pretty useless now, due to jink

    4. Yeah, flickerfields would seem useless now due to jink, but I believe aht jink only comes into effect when the vehicle moves. In this respect a flickerfield will only benefit the dark eldar when the vehicle is stationary, which for a dark eldar army is a rather pointless thing to do.

      Im hoping they FAQ it to maybe give a +1 bonus to the jink save. I wont be holding my breath though.

    5. Jink restricts you to 'Snap-Fire' only (i.e. 6's to hit) in the following turn. Thus Flickerfields will grant you the same save and allow you to fire at normal BS the following turn. So saying Flickerfields are useless is the same as saying stealth became useless when they introduced 'Going to Ground' last edition.

    6. What I wonder about is how the "Aerial Assault" translates into 6th. If you recall it allows a vehicle to cruise and shoot all its weapons in 5th. In 6th does this translate to cruise and shoot all its weapons at full BS? Will it allow a vehicle to Jink and avoid snap fire rule next turn?

  4. So in Purge the Alien, are VP awarded the same way Kill Points were in 5th? Say a 1250 point Paladin squad is worth the same as a 50 point Gaunt squad?

    Thanks again, you are doing an awesome job keeping us nerds up to date!

    1. One point for each unit totally destroyed (inc units falling back and units not on the board). Also includes IC's and dedicated transports...

      So yeah, the less units the better in Purge The Alien :)

    2. Maybe that's an extra point in addition to x points you get for killing a 1250 point squad?

      If not I'll be house ruling that because that is the worst thing about 5th Ed to me.

    3. Nah. It's one per unit, so the more units you have, the more victory points you have to be given away.

      Then again, some missions give VP's for each fast attack or heavy support unit destroyed etc...

    4. Purge the Alien is basically a standard Kill Point mission, but now it"s called Victory Points if I understand correctly...
      KP missions were a ben of 5th because some armies simply had no chance... ever tried to win a KP mission with a Venomspam army against a Draigo wing? It1S about 2-to1 (if not 3-to-1 KP ratio... the only possible solution is wipeout, which does not happen too often.
      We at out local gaming circle always played Annihilation on a Victory point basis counting the points lost on both sides... :S Sad that GW did not change KP in 6th :(

    5. I agree it is silly to disadvantage swarm armies against elite armies in this way. Would it really be that hard to have some units give more victory points than others?

      Oh well, at least it is only one mission that it is a total kill-point free for all.

  5. "this is true.
    only works if traveled at swooping speed (zoom for flying MCs)
    for each wound suffered from shooting roll a D6. on a 3+ nothing happens, on a 1 or 2 model grounded, as you said but no armour/cover saves allowed"

    this seems messed up? or are we shooting flying MCs on 6s only also? otherwise, any unit with a couple of bolters will probably take down a MC

    1. Snap Fire only at a Swooping FMC. Must take a Grounded Test after the shooting attack has been resolved. The way it's actually worded, it only takes one test if it's been hit after the attacking units' shooting attacks have been resolved.

      So it looks like only one test per attacking unit which scores at least one hit.

    2. ok good, that was more fair

  6. Finally finished a 1000 point no allies. Type was Hammer and anvil mission Crusade. It was very interesting....

  7. What was your high and low points compared to 5th edition?

    1. Ummm lows were overwatch is NOT a game changer. If you think it eill screw up assaults thats pretty crazy. 20 gauss shots at 10 assault marinres. 8 hit, then I rolled 6 wounds. He manged to "absorb" 2 of the wounds on one model till he died. Leaving four wounds. He saved 2 so he lost 2 near front....

      Now epic things. The skyhammer rule or whatevr is big! A bonus attack for his assault marines at i10.(though necrons never hit first anyways) was pretty good. Some bad saves later and i lost 5 necrons that round.

      Another big thing is full template strength. Doomsday ark manged to destroy landraider! Turn 1. It was in cover but he failed save. Then i rolled a 6 to pen and Ap1 adds plus 2 and it was gone whem i rolled a 5.

      Very fun cinematic game! Cant wait for more

    2. what is the current cover save for vehicles being obscured? is it still 4+?

  8. Get ready for the Flying Circus Daemon build. It looks like this:
    Lord of Change, Breath of Chaos
    4 Tzeentch Daemon Princes, Breath of Chaos and Iron Hide
    2 squads of Screamers

    They fly around requiring 6s to be hit, high rolls to wound, and have re-rollable 4+ invuln saves for being within 6" of FW. Every turn they zoom inflicting drive by hits and unsavable poisoned template attacks that glance vehicles on a 4+.

    I don't see how you put a dent in it before half your army is vaporized.

    1. Iron Hide should be Unholy Might for S6 flyby hits. 4+ rerollable invuln is good enough for a flying beasty in this build.

    2. You can only snapfire if you're swooping and I don't think templates can snapfire.

    3. Flying MCs:
      Two modes, swoop or glide.

      -Choose mode at start of turn

      -Swoop can vector strike.

      -Glide on deplyment, then can swoop after.

      -Gliding: Moves, runs and charges exactly like a 'Jump monstrous creature'.

      -Swoop: minimum 12", max 24". Can make a single 90deg pivot before move only. THen must move straight. Swoop = no Dangerous terrain tests.

      -Run while swoop: 2D6" straight forwards.

      -Flying MCs can fire two weapons normally even if swooping, providing no run. They can shoot all around, like any other non-vehicle.

      -Snapshots only at swoopers, unless skyfire. Template, blast and large blast cannot hit swoopers.

      -Leaving the board: Can do, even allowed to deliberately. It then enters ongoing reserves. It cannot change flight mode in reserves.

      -Dive: While swooping, can dive as evasive move. Effective go to ground for flying MCs. Gains Jink. Then can only snapshot until end of next turn (so dive then vector strike = great).

      -Grounding test: if hit (any number of times), roll a d6. 1-2 = crashes. s9 hit with no armor saves. Then is grounded (not gliding or swooping) so can be assaulted / shot more.

      -FLying MCs have Fear, Hammer of wrath, MOve through cover, relentless, smash and Vector strike.

      Read more:

  9. Can you use forge world army lists and models in 6ed?

    1. The foegeworld books these days say "you can use these rules in your games of 40k but its polite to get your opponents permission first" the implication being that even though its tacky to go without you don't specifically need permission.

      Of course, if people refuse to play you, they refsue and there's nothing to be done.

    2. In a pick up game I would agree, however any tournament you try to play Forgeworld in, unless specificly permitted, is not permitted.

      As a general rule Forgeworld are fun beer and pretzel models, but will not be seen in a competitive event.

    3. "As a general rule..." I disagree, having read enough FW model entry lists, FW models are actually real and useful expansions to the 40K model line covering lots and lots of holes that GW leaves in its model lines and rules. Simple example? Repressors.

      FW also fixes and updates (for vehicles at least) a lot of the codices that GW allows to languish for up to a decade.

  10. Hey, any word on artillery? I loved the thunderfire cannon for SM's, but its so dam squishy. Are they still the same? Do they benefit from snap fire and stuff like that?

  11. Is there any information on the Avatar of Khaine, his Wailing Doom?

  12. Mission 5 seems an auto lose if you go second :(
    Kill points still in :(
    Scenarios favour armies with strong troops + elites esp marines :(

  13. Least I can still use my specialised feel no pain, +5 inv plague bearers to hold objectives.. oh wait. :/

  14. Any idea about the Reserves rule?

    1. I read somewhere that the mist you can put in reserves is 50%. Now, is that 50% in VP or units, I am not sure, but I believe it is no more then half.

    2. *****************
      it is no more than half of your units

      I have written this previously in a QnA


  16. Drop podding snap firing long fangs!

  17. It only appears that shooting has gotten a huge boost with overwatch, snap fire, cover being 5+, but lets be honest;

    With running, two dice charge distances, and jump packs doing initiate 10 skyhammer strikes, flying vehicles zooming around - the enemy can make it to your gunline in one or two turns same as 5th.

    As for forgeworld stuff - i say let the tau have their forgeworld toys - its not like games workshop is making anything new for them. I'd be happy with Just the Tetra markerlight skimmer and the barracuda flyer real plastic kits...

  18. *******************
    Hello everyone. seeing as rulebooks are popping up everywhere this will be my last post (or at least my last post as "anonymous" ;D )

    thank you all for listening

    and I hope you all enjoy your 6th ed books, however much we whine about them and however much it costs GW does make a good game

    I would also like to give an extra big thanks to Natfka for all his hard work in collating and posting rumours. The number of hours he must have put in is extraordinary and anything I have done pales in comparison. Thank you so much Natfka!

    1. Thanks anon. You have done a great service for the Emperor!

    2. *****************
      damn the emperor!!! let the hive fleets consume all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. *******************
      damn the emperor!!!! Let the hive fleets consume all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Yeah i play necrons so youve done a great service to the Machine. Haha

    5. All for the greater good!! (Im a Tyranid and Dark Eldar player, but it had to be said!)

    6. Good work Anon, you have satisfied the OCD compulsion to know things in me. See you for 7th? :)


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