The Crucible of Games has a great looking set for September Patreons including a Kyopeli-class APC that catches my eye as well as a new Demon, some cool bases, and more. Check them out and on that APC, look at the different wheel options available.

September Releases from Crucible of Games

Crucible of Games 3d Print Patreon: $11/month

- Melkor, the Fallen Mayar Prince, by LeesedRenfort with scenic 100mm base by RickTheBarber

- Kyopeli-class APC, by Pelicram - first release that will finally get a proper instruction booklet and one of the first releases for our upcoming faction Juoksuhauta Division

- New upgrade pack for Iron Halls by RickTheBarber - the Sprawl should RISE!

- Assault on Sycorax set by Corvus - on pics represented several specialist troops from Proserpine Selkets (half of the squad) and a few of the Sycorax accessories pack.

- Balefull Halls base set by RickTheBarber - 40mm, 50mm and 65mm

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