The Orruk Warclans are getting their battletome this weekend and with it the Path to Glory adds some new benefits and options for you. Lets take a look at what WarCom is sharing today.

via WarCom

Battletome: Orruk Warclans is no exception, and their characterful rules cement their position as the cunning brutes of the Mortal Realms. In the Era of the Beast, they’re smashier and angrier than ever, going on epic tears of destruction. The new book – up for pre-order this weekend – allows you to reenact this rampage in your narrative play games.

The Orruk Warclans Path to Glory focuses squarely on the things greenskins enjoy the most: visiting new places and meeting new people – AND SMASHING ‘EM INTO BITS! Sam Pearson, from the Warhammer Studio, explained it like this: “Their armies work a bit differently from others when it comes to their unique territories. Rather than having them themed around Orruk Warclans, they are instead themed around the other races of the Mortal Realms.”

The veteran abilities your units earn are loads of fun, like these noisy Bonesplitterz boys who can give enemy Wizards a wicked headache.

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