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Decided I loved the idea of my lore-insulting lost librarius templars counts as grey knight's.

Originally had a strike squad to make some honour guard and a few librarians from starter sets and such. Once upon a time they would have been an allied librarius conclave formation. I'm kind of happy that's gone though as I like this idea better. 

Kept there Templar armour got blue robes and shoulder trim to tie to librarius 
I also make an effort to enlarge all the old school marines as they're just a bit shrimpy these days.
Copius Green stuff has gone into each of there waists and thighs with a single primaris for size comparison. 

The happiest epiphany was realising for very detailed marines (helbrecht) I could cut at upper chest instead of waist for far easier modelling work after. 

Yep, high marshal helbrecht is apparently a psyker now.


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