The Book of Outcast is coming along with a new terrain set for Necroumunda, the Underhive Market. Looks like a solid concept for both, and while Im liking the artwork for the book on the cover, the models so far are just "OK". a little bland. No matter though with some good rules (which Necromunda excels at) I am looking forward to this release.

Curious question, its called the Book of Outcast. Should have it been Outcasts? Just curious.

via WarCom


Over the last couple of years, we’ve delved even deeper than ever before into the dark corners of Necromunda with new books for the six Gang Houses.* 

Now it’s time to meet the waifs and strays from outside of the House system. These are the dregs from the wrong end of town, and they’re perfect if you’ve ever dreamed of commanding a gang of outlaws and mercenaries.**

Along with rules for using an Outcasts gang in Necromunda, including scenarios, tactics, and more, the book includes lore that explores the place of this nefarious subset in the Necromundan hierarchy.


The Outcasts couldn’t be left homeless, though – also coming out is the Underhive Market. 

This stunning terrain kit is perfect for narrative battles. Subjugators breaking up a black market trading post? Corpse Grinder Cultists looking to open up a meat market? The possibilities are almost endless with this modular kit, which can be used with all of the existing Zone Mortalis terrain. Fans of rare antiquities will be pleased to know that you also get two mung vases in the Underhive Market set – but are they real or counterfeit?

Keep an eye on the Warhammer Community website for all the latest on these releases as we get closer to their pre-order date, and head over to the Necromunda Facebook page to let us know which model from the new Outcasts Gang is your favourite.

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