Sisters Novitiates and Tau Pathfinders are the focus of today along with some cool terrain that is part of the boxset for the next chapter in Kill Team. 

1. Novitiates Take to the Field for the First Time
Before they become fully fledged Battle Sisters, aspirants must prove their piety on the front lines. Known as Novitiates, they are usually deployed as kill teams with an experienced Sister Superior directing their youthful zealotry.

Novitiates are completely new to the 41st Millennium, and as you’ve come to expect from Kill Team releases, their kit is incredibly flexible and comes with dozens of options to let you build your team as you see fit.

They wield a wide array of sanctified weaponry, from humble autoguns to ancient maces. One can even carry a pair of neural whips, which are just as handy for driving your operatives forward as they are for lashing your foes. There are ten sisters in total, with twelve different types of operative to pick from.


2. T’au Pathfinders Have a Whole Bunch of New Gizmos
The T’au Pathfinders are already incredibly versatile, but the Earth caste has outfitted them with a ton of new gear. Kill Team Chalnath comes with a comprehensive new upgrade sprue for the existing Pathfinder kit, meaning new heads, new gadgets, new guns, and even a few new poses – all you need to bring the Greater Good to the recalcitrant Imperial citizens of the Chalnath Expanse.

This evolved Pathfinders kill team has access to exciting new toys including a manual control system for their drone support, a marksman rail rifle with inertial dampeners and silent dart rounds, and a debonair pair of wrap-around shades for every team member.

Including drones, there are a massive 16 types of operative you can construct from this kit, while you can bring up to 13 into each mission.

3. Daring and Dangerous Missions are Afoot
Your operatives will have their work cut out for them in the Chalnath Expanse, with nine new missions arriving in the Shadow Operations: Chalnath mission pack. You’ll be taking over missile launch systems, destabilising the foundations of critical buildings, and smuggling high-value targets through enemy lines.

4. Chalnath is Basically on Fire
The Chalnath Expanse is situated on the wrong side of the Great Rift, deep within the darkened reaches of Imperium Nihilus. In the power vacuum left by the loss of the Emperor’s light, the T’au Empire’s Fifth Sphere Expansion is claiming world after world with Commander Shadowsun at their head. In response, the Adepta Sororitas declared a War of Faith to liberate the Expanse.

All the while, Genestealer Cults, roving Ork warbands, and heretical cults sow mayhem throughout the civilised worlds. It’s safe to say that almost every faction has a stake somewhere in the Chalnath Expanse.

5. See Many Wonderful Works of Imperial Architecture (in Ruins)
With the action focusing on Imperial worlds in the Vedik System in particular, your kill teams will be duking it out across ruined Human cities and installations, with all the usual trappings – Aquilas, cathedral windows, and barely a floor left intact.

It’s a great set of terrain, and it’s totally modular. With five ruined walls and two larger ruins offering deadly vantage points for snipers, and plenty of doors and hatches for sneaky operatives to get the jump on their foes, it’s the perfect stage for a bloody bout of covert operations.

Stay tuned to Warhammer Community for more on the exciting new Kill Team expansion. 

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