There is a lot of Kruleboyz reinforcements coming, including the Mouth of Mork! Very excellent. 

Lets start off with the Forgeworld releases for Necromunda

House Greim Military Attaché
Give your gang some official support from Noble House Greim with this pair of grizzled military veterans. Their experience is just as valuable before battle as during it – though their fine equipment and weaponry are really quite handy during a scrap. 

Gobsprakk, The Mouth of Mork
Speak the truth (or lies) with the most kunnin’ of all the Kruleboyz. Gobsprakk is the de facto leader of the entire faction, and his Corpse-rippa Vulcha, Killabeak, is a potent symbol of his high status.

Swampboss Skumdrekk
Not content with just one wicked leader riding a gnarly swamp creature, Kruleboyz generals can also pre-order Swampboss Skumdrekk – the notoriously rich Gitsnatcha – next Saturday. His Sludgeraker Beast is quite something to behold, especially when built without his helmet. 

Marshcrawla Sloggoth
These gruesome creatures give a new meaning to creepy as they prowl on hand and foot in search of their next victims. Some plucky little grots are tagging along for the ride, ready to ensnare anything that slips through the Sloggoth’s fingers. 

You’ll be wanting loads of Gutrippaz in your Kruleboyz orruks armies, and this multipart kit gives you loads of variety. The heads and arms are interchangeable across all the bodies, they’ve got a selection of weapons, and there are enough bits to build a Boss, a Banner Bearer, and your choice of two different musicians. 

Scenery Kits
The scenery first found in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Extremis Edition Starter Set is available to pre-order in individual kits next weekend. Raise your own Dawnbringer Crusade settlements or raze them to the ground with these four boxes, including two Domicile Shells, a Guardian Idol, and a Nexus Syphon. 

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